The Budget Repair Bill and Concealed Carry

The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned Judge Sumi’s ruling on the collective bargaining law.

Dane County Liberal Activist Judge Maryann Sumi Usurped The Power Of The Legislature Say Justices

The Wisconsin State Senate passed SB-93 – Concealed Carry in a 25-8 vote.

While it is not Constitutional Carry like we want, it is a step in the right direction.  Thank your Senator if he/she voted in favor of this bill.  Tell them we will continue to push for Constitutional Carry, but appreciate the big step forward that they took.

Our focus now moves to the Assembly.  Contact your Assembly representatives and tell them to pass SB-93 as is with no further restrictions on your natural right to keep and bear arms.  This bill is already a significant compromise from Constitutional Carry.

Marv Munyon Hosting “In Focus” On WVCY With Guests Sen. Glenn Grothman and Rep. Evan Wynn

Marvin Munyon sat in for Jim Schneider on In Focus. He talked to Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman and Assembly Representative Evan Wynn about the protests happening in Madison over the Budget Repair Bill.

A Moment Of Clarity With Dr. Tim Nerenz – Proficiency

The following column was written by Dr. Tim Nerenz at Moment Of Clarity.  Tim was the Libertarian candidate running against Tammy Baldwin in the last election cycle, before having to withdraw because he moved out of the district.  This column addresses outcome-based education and the fight in Madison to keep the status quo in place by all of the unions opposing the Budget Repair Bill.

Here is the link: Dr. Tim On Proficiency

Assembly Passes The Budget Repair Bill, Senate Gives OK For Final Vote

Senate gives preliminary OK to repair bill passed by Assembly

Here is how the vote broke down and how your representative voted: 51-17 on AB11

Call your State Assembly Representative and thank them if they voted the right way!


Teachers Staging Sick-Outs To Protest in Madison…So It’s Not Really About The Kids

Sorry, not the best video work…Some of the teachers are proud to admit they called in sick to protest.  They are proud to admit they shut down their district.  Some districts even colluded with the teachers unions to facilitate their districts teachers participation in the protest as two teachers admit in the video.  It is wrong for the teachers to use their students as they have, and the sick-outs are even against the law.  It sends a terrible message to students.

If you want to find out how many teachers in your district called in sick, submit an open records request to the district and see.  Remember this in April when referendum time comes along.  School District Open Records Request

Here is the link to see what teachers in your district make: Search Wisconsin Teacher Salaries