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This page contains some video from patriot events.



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  1. To: The Rock River Patriots,
    Mike Tuttle here regretfully letting you know that Virgil Goode presidential candidate from the Constitution Party (WILL NOT) be at Bass Creek in Afton, WI on this Friday August 24 at noon. The cancellation is do to unforeseen circumstances that happened in his home state where he had more than enough signatures to get on the ballot but he did not get enough in one particular district where getting people to sign is hard to do. So he has to go out and get the signatures himself as people respond to him better in person than his representatives.
    Mike Tuttle

    P.S. Watch for updates as Virgil would still like to come to Bass Creek in Afton, WI

    • Hi Rock River Patriots,
      Good news…Virgil Goode candidate for President by Constitution Party will be speaking in BELOIT at Rodeway Inn next to the ROAD DAWG on Milwaukee Road ( I-43 & I-90) at 11am on Tuesday,October 23rd. Any questions call 608-302-8023, or 608-208-1737

      Also check out Free and to find out about the debate in Chicago at 9pm October 23rd. Four third party candidates will be part of the debate, and will be hosted by Larry King. You can see the debate live on the internet.

  2. Hello,
    I’m looking forward to you Sept 15 seminar on Agenda 21. The planning commission in Lodi, WI is considering adopting “Smart Growth” and a “Comprehensive Plan” to control land owners rights. I need to arm myself with allies and information to stop this intrusion of our freedom. Thank you
    Karl Hugo

  3. i can`t find when your next meeting is and where.?

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