SB 93 Concealed Carry Bill Is Now Act 35

Here is the published concealed carry bill.  It is now Act 35.  Here is the link:  Wisconsin Act 35 – Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Legislation A Victory For Tea Party, Patriot Groups

From Media Trackers:

Concealed Carry Legislation A Victory For Tea Party, Patriot Groups

By Collin Roth

Of all the legislation passed in the last session of the Wisconsin legislature, perhaps no bill showed more the Tea Party impact on Republican legislators than the concealed carry legislation passed Tuesday in the Assembly. For a number of years, Second Amendment conservatives chafed at being one of only two states in the country that do not have some form of concealed carry. And despite two vetoes by Democratic Governor Jim Doyle, a tumultuous legislative session primarily focused on the budget, and the threat of recall elections for six state senators, Tea Party conservatives kept the pressure on to bring concealed carry legislation to a vote in this session.

Annette Olson of the pro-2nd Amendment organization Un-infringed Liberty called the passage of concealed carry legislation yesterday a “huge step.” Olson said her organization allied with Tea Party groups from around the state to work with legislators in order to bring concealed carry legislation to a vote before the end of this legislative session. And while Olson and many Tea Party activists were disappointed when the Constitutional Carry Bill proposed by Senator Pam Galloway was amended to include permits and mandatory training, she reiterated that Tuesday was a “really fantastic day” and she looks forward to “respectfully working with legislators” in the future to pass Constitutional Carry.

Un-infringed Liberty has worked actively in Wisconsin for around 2 1/2 years, promoting open carry through educational events while lobbying for Constitutional Carry legislation.

Having passed the Senate last week 25-8, the concealed carry bill passed the Assembly 68-27 with all 56 Republicans voting for the bill, 11 Democrats, and one independent. It now heads to Governor Scott Walker’s desk where it is likely to be signed into law.

The Budget Repair Bill and Concealed Carry

The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned Judge Sumi’s ruling on the collective bargaining law.

Dane County Liberal Activist Judge Maryann Sumi Usurped The Power Of The Legislature Say Justices

The Wisconsin State Senate passed SB-93 – Concealed Carry in a 25-8 vote.

While it is not Constitutional Carry like we want, it is a step in the right direction.  Thank your Senator if he/she voted in favor of this bill.  Tell them we will continue to push for Constitutional Carry, but appreciate the big step forward that they took.

Our focus now moves to the Assembly.  Contact your Assembly representatives and tell them to pass SB-93 as is with no further restrictions on your natural right to keep and bear arms.  This bill is already a significant compromise from Constitutional Carry.

SB-93 Concealed Carry Amendments – More Restrictions – We said It would Happen

Tomorrow,  the  Wisconsin State Senate will be debating SB-93 and the 16 Amendments to this bill.  The proposed Amendments are MORE restrictions to a Constitutional Right.  We support Constitutional Carry because the right to keep and bear arms is a natural right.  We will continue to support and fight for Constitutional Carry.

We also knew this permit process is a slippery slope to more regulation.  RINO Senator Van Wanggaard is one of those proposing more restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms.  Remember this when he is up for re-election.  This is further proof that just because the person is  “Republican” does not mean they believe in fidelity to the Constitution.

Contact the Republican Senators and tell them not to further infringe on your natural rights.

Here is the NRA criticisms of these amendments and responding to the misinformation:

PPA NRA Position on Hostile Amendments

PPA Opponent Misinformation