SB-93 Concealed Carry Amendments – More Restrictions – We said It would Happen

Tomorrow,  the  Wisconsin State Senate will be debating SB-93 and the 16 Amendments to this bill.  The proposed Amendments are MORE restrictions to a Constitutional Right.  We support Constitutional Carry because the right to keep and bear arms is a natural right.  We will continue to support and fight for Constitutional Carry.

We also knew this permit process is a slippery slope to more regulation.  RINO Senator Van Wanggaard is one of those proposing more restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms.  Remember this when he is up for re-election.  This is further proof that just because the person is  “Republican” does not mean they believe in fidelity to the Constitution.

Contact the Republican Senators and tell them not to further infringe on your natural rights.

Here is the NRA criticisms of these amendments and responding to the misinformation:

PPA NRA Position on Hostile Amendments

PPA Opponent Misinformation