We were told by the anti-gun crowd there would be blood in the streets as a result of the passage of Concealed Carry.  We were told Wisconsin would be like the Wild West.  We were told law abiding citizens were a dangerous group who could not be trusted to carry concealed weapons.

We look one year later after the implementation of WI Act 35…None of the things we were told would happen have come to pass.  What has happened, however, is people are more able to protect themselves.  People are empowered.  No longer do they need to be “helpless sheep” that are prey for the “wolves”.

This should be an example for everyone of the typical fear mongering that we see by the leftist, communist, socialist, and collectivist groups on virtually every issue.  Start calling them out for who and what they are!  These groups operate on the tactic of using fear to control people to do their bidding.  By scaring the “daylights” out of people, fear forces people to operate on raw emotion instead of logic and rational thought.  People are in a “perpetual fight or flight” mode, a terrible place to be.  Common sense and rational thought goes out the window.  To quote one Jedi Master, “Fear is the path to the Dark Side.”

Fear is a powerful motivator.  However, with proper training, the fear response can be controlled and even harnessed in critical situations.  Just remember, for most people, everyday living is not full of crisis-type situations.  Don’t live in fear or crisis mode, but please be prepared for what may come.

One of the best ways to reduce fear and build self-confidence is to be prepared.  Prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically.

One year anniversary of Wisconsin’s concealed carry law

MADISON (WSAU)  Today is the first anniversary of Wisconsin’s concealed weapons law – and the state’s attorney general says it’s working as well as expected. About 138,500 state carry permits were granted in the first year – 13,000 more than what J-B Van Hollen predicted six months ago. Around 150,000 people have applied for concealed weapons licenses, and Van Hollen said many of the ones rejected were for clerical errors.

There were long delays at first in getting the applications processed. But the backlog has disappeared, and Van Hollen says the review process is now going smoothly.

Wisconsin was the 49th state to allow concealed carry – and Van Hollen says the Badger State has not become the “Wild West” like opponents claimed it would be. The only high-profile shooting was in January in Milwaukee. A grocery shopper at Aldi’s with a concealed carry permit shot at two men who were trying to rob the store. The place had a sign banning concealed weapons, but prosecutors decided not to charge the shooter.

Meanwhile training standards for permit holders are still in limbo. The Justice Department is still using temporary rules that require weapons’ holders to get training – but they don’t spell out anything specific. State lawmakers are still considering tougher standards that require lessons on using deadly force, and the safe use of firearms-and-bullets. Lawmakers are expected to act on the new rules early next year.

“Emergency” Rules Related To CCW Permits

Here are the links to the rules created by DOJ regarding the new Concealed Carry Law.  I have been informed legislators are writing a letter to AG Van Hollen because he is over-stepping the legislative intent of WI Act 35.  The NRA has already done this.

Again, this is why we fought hard for Constitutional Carry.  We knew this is what would be done.  It is our understanding that bills are already being written to expand the training requirements.  Call AG Van Hollen and tell him to follow the law and its legislative intent.  The number for DOJ is 608-266-1221.





SB 93 Concealed Carry Bill Is Now Act 35

Here is the published concealed carry bill.  It is now Act 35.  Here is the link:  Wisconsin Act 35 – Concealed Carry