Republicans Win All But One Recall Race…Reports of Voting Irregularities In Racine

In all but one recall race in Wisconsin, the Republicans achieved a decisive victory.  The races that were supposed to be very close, were called very early in the night for Gov. Walker, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch, Sen. Fitzgerald, Sen. Moulton, and newly elected Jerry Petrowski.  The Racine race is too close to call with Democrat challenger having a lead of approximately 800 votes over Sen. Van Wanggaard with reports of widespread voting irregularities.

The reports of voting irregularities are now coming in, including a Detroit Unions busing in Michigan union members  to vote in the WI recall election.  Below are two such stories.

Wisconsin: Irregularities in Racine Threaten Result of Close State Senate Election



Marv Munyon Hosting “In Focus” On WVCY With Guests Sen. Glenn Grothman and Rep. Evan Wynn

Marvin Munyon sat in for Jim Schneider on In Focus. He talked to Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman and Assembly Representative Evan Wynn about the protests happening in Madison over the Budget Repair Bill.

Assembly Passes The Budget Repair Bill, Senate Gives OK For Final Vote

Senate gives preliminary OK to repair bill passed by Assembly

Here is how the vote broke down and how your representative voted: 51-17 on AB11

Call your State Assembly Representative and thank them if they voted the right way!


Support The Budget Repair Bill In Madison Tomorrow



Please help support Governor Walker’s budget repair bill!

Register for buses here!

Please join the taxpayers from across Wisconsin on Saturday, February 19th for a rally brought to you by American Majority in support of Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

American Majority Rally

February 19 from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm

WHERE: Madison, State Capitol East Entrance

FEATURING: Andrew Breitbart, Jim Hoff, Ned Ryun, Herman Cain, Vicki McKenna and others.

Gov. Walker to Dem senators: Show up and do your job

The Socialists In Madison Protest

Wisconsin High School Teachers Bring Students To Protest

I think the video speaks for itself…Funny they have to let kids out of school to get enough protesters.  Now that’s Astroturf!

Here is one of the more comical signs we saw in Madison today in the capitol building.  The protester holding this sign was an active participant in the protest.  I think he may have smoked his pipe a little early and thought this was a legalization rally!