Rock River Patriots and the Daily Jefferson County Union

We recognize this is slightly dated, but still believe there is a need to set the record straight.

On June 20, 2012, the Daily Jefferson County Union published an article by Kevin Murphy entitled, “No added prison for Fort man“.  This article reports on a Fort Atkinson man who was on probation for possession of an explosive device and recently charged/convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

In the article (attached), the Rock River Patriots are mentioned because this individual supposedly attended one of our meetings.  Is this a deliberate attempt to smear the RRP using a classic “guilt by association” tactic?  We think it may be just that.

As anyone who attends our meetings can tell you, they are all open to the public.  Many people have come and gone since the group formed several years ago.  We have a core group of regular attendees and many others who attend sporadically.  None of the leaders in the RRP recognize this person.  The RRP were never contacted by the writer of this story for comment either.

The article also indicates that the judge told the defendant to avoid groups with “nothing positive to offer” with the implication being that the RRP have nothing positive to offer.  We obviously disagree.  For the thousands of people who have attended our events over the years, I think they would disagree also.

Our group is not a “right-wing” group, and has never advocated violence of any kind.

UPDATE: The above article was discussed at our last meeting on June 27th, and the commentary above was sent out via email.  According to the Daily Union, a “handful” of complaints were sent to them about the article which they addressed in their OP ED – Don’t Kill The Messenger published on Wednesday June 27th, 2012.  Their OP ED (in summary) states that they were merely reporting what was said.  Hence the title, “Don’t Kill The Messenger”.

We understand they are reporting what happened in court and have no problem with the Daily Union reporting that.  However, we will ask the question, “Why weren’t we ever contacted for a comment on this story, considering it paints the Rock River Patriots in a negative / questionable light repeating allegations that are untrue and/or giving an impression that is false?”  At least give us the opportunity to respond to the comments that are reported, and let people make up their own minds.  I think virtually everyone can agree on that point.

So this leads us to the question of whether or not this was a deliberate omission by the Daily Jefferson County Union.  That can be left up to the readers.  However, the questions of impartiality that were raised during the recent recall elections must not be overlooked.  When Media Trackers reported that a Daily Union reporter covering the Fitzgerald recall and an Editor at the Daily Union signed the recall petitions, the topic of media bias was brought to the forefront.

Here are links to Media Trackers stories about this:

Editor, Reporter at Local Paper Sign Fitzgerald Recall Petitions

Let the Bias Continue: Anti-Fitzgerald Reporter Still Covering Recall

We must couple the signing of recall petitions with an incident that occurred at a pre-recall election TEA Party Express rally in Jefferson by one of the same Daily Union reporters.  We were content to let this incident go unreported as the reporter subsequently apologized for the behavior, and we believe his apology to be sincere.  However, in light of this recent issue, we think it is appropriate to mention.

When confronted about signing the recall petition in a joking manner by one of the Patriots, the Daily Union reporter responded with several choice expletives directed at the Patriot.  The reported proceeded to get into the Patriots face , in what appeared to be an attempt to intimidate the Patriot.  Other people were in the immediate vicinity when this incident occurred and were offended.  Another Patriot who was standing by stepped in and again questioned the reporter’s impartiality.  Seeing that the Patriots were not intimidated, the incident ended with the Daily Union reporter eventually leaving the area.  The reporter later returned to apologize.

We ask the readers to take this information, and make up their own minds about the Rock River Patriots.  Our meetings are open to the public.  As long as people do not disrupt the meetings, they are welcome to hear what we have to sayand participate.  We welcome everyone to stop by our booth at the Jefferson County Fair and receive free DVD’s and information.

Rock River Patriots Upcoming Events

ATTENTION…Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, there will be NO Rock River Patriots Meeting this Friday May 25th.  Many of our members will be out of town on for the holiday weekend.  We pray everyone has a enjoyable and safe weekend.

We will resume our normal meetings again in June.  On June 8th, we will discuss the election results, and view the documentary by the 10th Amendment Center, “Nullification”.  On June 22nd, we plan on welcoming back “J.C.” to conclude his presentation on Islam.  If you missed the first session, come to this one.  We will review the first presentation briefly, and the continue on with new material.
Other Upcoming Events…This does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate.

The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Daily Jefferson County Union
and WFAW are co-hosting a candidates forum for the June 5th Recall Election for the State
Senate District 13 seat.

The forum will be held in the Jefferson High School Gym on Wednesday May 23rd at 7:00 p.m.

Candidates will be allowed three minutes for opening remarks and three minutes for closing
remarks. The rest of the time will be given to candidates to answer questions sent by May 21st
to the Daily Jefferson County Union, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, and WFAW, from
readers, listeners and the audience at the forum.  If you have a question, send it in!

The event will be covered by The Daily Jefferson County Union and broadcast live on 940AM

Thank You Senator Fitzgerald And All Of Our Guests

We want to take this opportunity to thank Senator Scott Fitzgerald for taking some time to speak with us at our past meeting.  We know that with all the events of this past year, things have been very hectic.  With the recent recall elections and changes in the State Senate, Senator Fitzgerald has been very busy.  I think it is safe to say, we all learned something new.

We offer a special thank you to all of our new guests for coming.  We hope to see you back at our next meeting.  Below are a few photos from the meeting.

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Senator Scott Fitzgerald Office Hours In Fort Atkinson May 16th

Sen. Fitzgerald Announces Office Hours

MADISON, WI – Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) today announced that he will be holding office hours in the 13th Senate District.

The details of Fitzgerald’s office hours are as follows:

Monday, May 16th

Fort Atkinson High School Auditorium

925 Lexington Blvd.

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Patriots Meeting This Friday May 13th and The Republican Game

CONFIRMATION:  The meeting this Friday May 13th will be held at the Dwight Foster Library in Fort Atkinson located at 209 Merchants Avenue at 6pm.  It will be an interesting meeting!

CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY UPDATE – THE REPUBLICAN GAME…I have just been informed that Constitutional Carry is a DEAD ISSUE.  It will NEVER be introduced in the Assembly and there will be NO VOTE in the Senate no matter what we do.  Our two other leaders from RRP were in Madison today at the Capitol and got the word directly.  THIS IS A DISGRACE! 

The Republican Leadership has been stringing us along on this bill and had no intention of ever allowing it to happen.  After all the work the TEA Party / Patriot / 2nd Amendment groups have done, this is how we are treated?  We are not even being given the opportunity for the bill to be debated on the floor in the Senate or Assembly!  It is time to call your representative and the leadership in the Assembly and Senate and express how DISGUSTED you are.

VOTER ID UPDATE REAL ID is still in the bill that they will be voting on tomorrow.