Patriots Meeting This Friday May 13th and The Republican Game

CONFIRMATION:  The meeting this Friday May 13th will be held at the Dwight Foster Library in Fort Atkinson located at 209 Merchants Avenue at 6pm.  It will be an interesting meeting!

CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY UPDATE – THE REPUBLICAN GAME…I have just been informed that Constitutional Carry is a DEAD ISSUE.  It will NEVER be introduced in the Assembly and there will be NO VOTE in the Senate no matter what we do.  Our two other leaders from RRP were in Madison today at the Capitol and got the word directly.  THIS IS A DISGRACE! 

The Republican Leadership has been stringing us along on this bill and had no intention of ever allowing it to happen.  After all the work the TEA Party / Patriot / 2nd Amendment groups have done, this is how we are treated?  We are not even being given the opportunity for the bill to be debated on the floor in the Senate or Assembly!  It is time to call your representative and the leadership in the Assembly and Senate and express how DISGUSTED you are.

VOTER ID UPDATE REAL ID is still in the bill that they will be voting on tomorrow.