1. What is the role of the federal government?

2. The Rock River Patriots and other groups were targeted by the IRS.  No one has ever been held accountable.  What reforms to our tax system do you believe are needed to prevent this from ever happening again?

3. Do you support instituting a consumption tax system or a flat tax system?

4. Tell us what you believe the 2nd Amendment means and how would you protect it if elected?

5. As a U.S. Senator, you would vote to ratify any treaties that the President of United States entered into.  How would you vote on the UN Small Arms Treaty?

6. Do you believe in man-made global warming? With respect to treaties, how would you vote on any global climate change agreements?

7. Do you know about UN Agenda 21 and do you support its goals?

8. As a U.S. Senator, you will swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.  What federal agencies do you believe are unconstitutional?

9. Do you support the provisions of the Patriot Act that allow for warrant-less searches and the NDAA allowing for indefinite detention of American Citizens…Tell us why/why not?

10. We have been fighting two wars in the middle east for a long time.  Many people in those countries now look at us as “Occupiers”.  Do you think we should still be fighting in Afghanistan?  And Iraq?  Should we get involved in Syria?

11. What do you believe is the best way to combat terrorism?

12. Tell us your thoughts on illegal immigration.  Do you support amnesty for illegals?  Do you support the border wall?  What do you believe is the best solution to illegal immigration?

13. Do you support the banking bailouts of the recent past?

14. Tell us your thoughts on the Federal Reserve.  Do you support a full audit of the Federal Reserve and/or its elimination?

15. Do you support our involvement in the UN?  Do you believe in and support a Global Government?

16. What role (if any) does the federal government have in healthcare?  In education?

17. Tell us what you believe the 10th Amendment means.  Do you support Wisconsin adopting strong State Sovereignty to block unconstitutional federal government intervention?

18. Are you pro-life.   Do you support the baby body parts bill that was circulated in the Wisconsin Legislature? When do you believe life begins?  Do you support abortion in any case?

19. Do you believe in gay marriage?

20. What do you believe regarding the separation of church and state?

21. What is your solution to our energy needs as a nation?

Hooray! HR514 – Renewal Of The Patriot Act Provisions Voted Down!

Here are some links:

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House Unexpectedly Defeats Patriot Act

I am sure that this is not the last we have heard of this.  It is only a temporary victory as they will continue to push forward these provisions.  Prepare to keep the pressure on!  Don’t be fooled when you hear the Neo-Cons tell you the world will fall apart without these provisions.  If they really cared about terrorism, our borders would have been secured a long time ago.

Shocking as it may seem, Wisconsin Congressional Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore voted against the bill.  As much as it hurts me to say this, they at least deserve to be recognized for this vote.  Could it be that they are starting to understand the Constitution?  Could it be that we are finally getting through to them? Well…I wouldn’t hold my breath.  As Sheriff Mack said when he visited with us in Oconomowoc, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

On another interesting note, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann voted for HR514.  The same Michele Bachmann who gave the “TEA Party” response to the State Of The Union Address.  The same Michele Bachmann who is part of the “TEA Party Caucus” and “understands” the TEA Party Movement.

This same Michele Bachmann voted for the Patriot Act the first time.  It would be interesting to hear her explanation on this one.  She can no longer claim she made a mistake in the past and was now “enlightened” by her interactions with the TEA Party.  It seems Michele Bachmann may be just another “player”.

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