Ron Paul poll shocker: He beats Obama head-to-head

From The Christian Science Monitor:

How about this for a poll shocker: While everybody in US politics has been preoccupied with the Michigan primary, Ron Paul has sneaked up on President Obama and for the first time leads the incumbent in a head-to-head survey.

That’s right, leads – as in, ahead of, out front, winning, and so forth. According to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday, at the moment Representative Paul bests Mr. Obama in a head-to-head matchup by 43 to 41 percent.

The same poll has Mitt Romney tied with Obama, at 44 percent each. Rick Santorum is three points behind the president, according to Rasmussen, and Newt Gingrich is 10 points behind.

Wow. Paul is outperforming all the other GOP candidates, by this measure. His campaign is spinning this as evidence he’s the most electable of all.

“In order to win back the White House, Republicans must nominate a consistent candidate that offers something besides the status quo. Ron Paul is that candidate,” said national campaign chairman Jesse Benton in a statement on the Rasmussen results.

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The Concept of “Blowback”

In this video, Ron Paul talks about the concept of “blowback”.  It is something that all of the other presidential candidates don’t talk about.  Instead, we hear them spout off about “American exceptionalism” when it comes to our foreign policy.  There is no doubt that America is exceptional.  But is because of the diverse hardworking innovative Americans, NOT the government.

Posting this video is in no way an endorsement of any candidate.  The Rock River Patriots do not endorse candidates.

Ron Paul On Newt Gingrich

The Real Reasons Republicans Dislike Ron Paul

Here is a great article from The New American regarding Ron Paul.

Written by Jack Kerwick, Ph.D.
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 10:03

Although his commitment to “limited government” is unsurpassed, establishment Republicans in both politics and the so-called “conservative media” labor incessantly to discredit Texan Congressman and GOP presidential contender, Ron Paul. On its face, who couldn’t judge this phenomenon, the phenomenon of the most vocal champions of liberty ridiculing and trivializing the most vocal champion of liberty, as anything other than bizarre?  Any remotely curious observer couldn’t resist the impulse to inquire into the roots of this enigma.

We needn’t dig too deeply to discover that the establishment Republican’s apparently irrational conduct toward Paul stems from his angst regarding Paul’s foreign policy vision. Paul, you see, rejects in no uncertain terms the notion that Big Government is not only permissible, but desirable, as long as it is non-American citizens abroad upon whom our government’s designs would be brought to bear. Loudly and unapologetically, he rejects the idea that “social engineering” is a good thing as long as it is other societies that our government seeks to “engineer.” Paul makes no secret of his utter contempt, a contempt born of his passion for liberty and individuality, for the belief that policies rooted in utopian fantasy are worthy of pursuit as long as it is not America, but the world, that our government seeks to perfect. 

Ron Paul is persona non grata as far as “the leadership” as well as much of the rank and file of the Republican Party is concerned. How could he not be? After all, this shameless defender of the U.S. Constitution is relentless in his quest to expose the assumptions underlying their foreign policy prescriptions as members of the same species of folly as those informing the left’s vision of domestic policy.

To put it more specifically, Paul strives to remind Americans of the legacy bequeathed to them by their ancestors, an invaluable inheritance of individual liberty that those of past generations, through incalculable quantities of their blood, sweat, and tears, forged for their posterity. Our Fathers and Mothers, like our fathers and mothers, Paul beckons us to remember, worked long and hard so that we, their children, would eventually be able to stand on our own two feet. They longed for us not only to appreciate their gift of liberty, but to embrace it enthusiastically. Paul urges us to be forever mindful that it is this enthusiasm, and only this enthusiasm, that stands between our liberty and the totalitarianism that always threatens to consume it.

Big Government, whether it is invoked for purposes of imposing designs upon foreign countries or our own, is intrinsically antithetical to the liberty for which our Fathers lived and died. This any disciple of liberty knows. This Ron Paul knows. And it is the forgotten knowledge of this truth of which he tirelessly seeks to arouse within his countrymen and women.

I still believe that it is Paul’s position on American foreign policy that elicits most of the disdain with which his fellow Republicans greet him. But I am starting to believe that there is more to the matter than just this.

It isn’t just Paul’s approach to foreign policy with which Republicans take issue; they are displeased as well with his disposition toward domestic policy.

Note, it isn’t just Paul’s position on this or that domestic issue to which they object. It is his entire understanding of which these positions are a function that they find unpalatable. More precisely, Republicans, for all of their talk of liberty, find repugnant Paul’s view on the proper relationship between the government and the citizen, politics, and culture.

Ron Paul is an apostle of traditional American liberty. The vast majority of us are our Founding Fathers’ prodigal sons (and daughters) whom Ron Paul, at 76 years of age, continues to call home. From early on in Christian history, some of its brightest minds have sought to address “the problem of evil,” the problem of reconciling belief in an omnipotent and all-loving God with the presence of evil in the world. Usually, a resolution has been found in some variation or other of “the free will defense.” According to this line of reasoning, God could have created human beings so that they never did evil, but He preferred a creation in which humans were free, for only with free agents could He have a genuine relationship. However, the freedom to accept God’s offer of friendship inescapably entails the freedom to reject that offer. To put it another way, the freedom to do good is also the freedom to do evil.

God recognizes that there can be no virtue without freedom. Ron Paul does too.

It is precisely because of his recognition of this fact that Paul opposes all attempts to diminish individuals’ liberty for the sake of some amorphous “common good,” some supposedly moral state that the government is entrusted with bringing to fruition. More simply put, he staunchly opposes attempts to impute to the federal government the role of a parent, for if the government is a parent, then the citizen is its child. 

While it isn’t obvious to many, the plain fact of the matter is that most of Paul’s fellow Republicans are no less committed to what we may, for purposes of convenience, refer to as “the Welfare State.” The “compassionate conservatism” championed by President George W. Bush and legions of other self-described “conservative” politicians and media personalities in the previous decade was just another term for “welfarism.” And though “compassionate conservatism” has fallen on hard times — no current Republican presidential aspirant would dare to characterize him- or herself in these terms — there is no denying that Republicans have abetted and continue to abet the growth of government vis-à-vis their approach to domestic policy.

There isn’t a single redistributive scheme that Republicans have sought to revoke, and plenty that they have actually initiated. But beyond the matter of “economic redistribution,” Republicans want to use the government as an agent of “character formation.” Rick Santorum is as pure an illustration of this propensity as any. From this perspective, the government must inculcate virtue in its citizens. The notion, common to Democrats and Republicans alike, that politicians generally and the President in particular are “leaders” is a function of this belief.

The pieces of this puzzle of Republicans’ reaction to Ron Paul’s advocacy of liberty and individuality are finally in place. They support a philosophy of Big Government and he does not. It is his stances on foreign and domestic policy that render Ron Paul the object of their scorn.

Michael Savage: Ron Paul is 100% Right On Al-Awlaki Assassination and The President’s Hit List

Why Ron Paul Scares Rick Perry

From The Hill:

Why Ron Paul scares Rick Perry

By Brent Budowsky – 09/12/11 10:20 AM ET

One of the cardinal rules of politics is “never attack down,” meaning a front-runner should never attack or respond to an opponent who is far behind. Yet that is what Rick Perry is doing. He is intimidated by Ron Paul, and responding to Ron Paul. Why? The answer is that Ron Paul is a true libertarian and a true conservative, while the latest version of Rick Perry, the man who once championed Al Gore, is a phony conservative and can’t even pretend to be a phony libertarian.

As I have written repeatedly, Rick Perry is the ultimate pay-for-play government man, the exact opposite of a true conservative and a true libertarian. Ron Paul, whether one agrees with him or not, is the true libertarian and a genuine conservative in ways that Rick Perry can never be. That is why Rick Perry fears Ron Paul.

I completely disagree with the mainstream media and insider pundit consensus that Republicans now have a two-person race. I again predict that Rick Perry will self-destruct.

Mitt Romney has inherent problems that are very deep and explain why he cannot rise above a certain level of support and level of trust from Republicans or Democrats.

I believe a new Republican candidate will emerge well before the Republican convention and will write who I believe it is, and why, in the not-too-distant future.For now it is fascinating to watch Ron Paul get under Rick Perry’s skin, and into Rick Perry’s head.

Rick Perry is afraid of Ron Paul.

Rick Perry should be afraid of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s very presence reveals what a polyester impersonation of a conservative Rick Perry actually is.

The beneficiary of this will not be Mitt Romney, whatever other insiders instruct you to believe.

Silver Shield’s Final Warning & Commentary By One Of Our Members

Here is a link to a very important read about our monetary system: Silver Shield’s Final Warning – Don’t Tread On Me

The following commentary was offered by one of our members about this whole situation.  It is very thought provoking.

Actually I do think silver and gold will rise. They are totally screwing with the precious metals market. They are running a total scam. Not only are they short selling silver and gold but, they are going to make a killing on it, use those proceeds to buy the real deal, and then make ownership of it illegal. That will be, along with the confiscation of property, the final criminal stealing of all wealth.

They are, as of right now, selling gold on the futures market @ just less than $10,000 for a reserve purchase of 100 ounces of gold. Yep, for approximately $9,500 in cash you can purchase 100 ounces of gold. NOT physical ownership of gold but a reserve amount of 100 ounces held in a sort of ETF set up.

Are you kidding? Why did gold give back over $100 per ounce in one day? Because they raised the risk of purchase, another words, they raised the amount of cash to reserve 100 ounces by about 10%. That resulted in a pull back.

What does this all mean? It is actually quite complicated but, in simple terms, the price of gold and silver are purposely being suppressed, seriously suppressed. Gold and silver are being short sold. They are selling gold and silver THAT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!

What do you think will happen when the calls come in? You have the economy begin to unravel in real terms, people call in the futures on gold and silver………….yep, the prices will absolutely sky rocket. Here is one of the rubs. You purchase gold or silver via ETF and you are totally screwed because it isn’t real gold and silver you physically own or even actually exists.

So you own physical gold and silver? I guarantee it will be made illegal to physically own/possess it.

Now look at the real estate market i.e. land. We had a very informative presentation at our last meeting by someone who was in the mortgage-real estate industry. You may know who you are paying your mortgage to but do you know who owns the note to your property? If you know who owns your note, not your mortgage, you are one of a very select few who does.

The fact is, in most cases, the government owns/possesses your note via Fannie May/Freddie Mac. That means they own right to your property. In other words, not only do they own 35% of all land in the US outright, they own the note to nearly 90% of all property private and commercial. Did you pay off your mortgage? Good for you. You do not own your house unless you possess the note/title to your property free and clear.

So, the central banks own almost all of the gold and silver, physical not ETF/Futures. They own the sovereign debt of most nations. You think China owns most of our debt? At best they own 1 trillion dollars, Japan a close second, all others combined equals another 3 to 4 trillion. That is 5 to 6 trillion. Oh, wait……..our national debt is 14.6 trillion…….who do we owe that to? The central banks folks, the Fed. The same is true of every modern country in the world. But other banks own the debt right? Really? Why did the too big to fail, not fail. Because the Fed chose to save them. The central banks control which banks are in business and which are not.

They have power over every one of the big banks and, in fact, the big banks are simply a tool of the Fed. Million dollar question? Who owns the central banks……..

Ok. They own the gold and silver, they own the banks, they control the issue of currency, they have control of the notes for up to 90% of all property in the US.

 What this simply means is that the greatest theft-confiscation of wealth in world history is nearly complete. When the people finally realize what has/is happening, when to many of the sheep finally wake up, the game is up right? Nope, that is what DHS and Northcom are for along with the 100’s of thousands of foreign troops currently on our soil.

And the only candidate that is talking about it is who…….Ron Paul. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Bill O’Reilly gets introduced to Keynesian Economics for the 1st time

This clip proves Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have a clue about economics.  We already know he doesn’t understand the Constitution.

REASON MAGAZINE: Ron Paul is the Future! (So You’ve Got to Ignore Him)

It is interesting how Ron Paul was ignored in the last presidential cycle and excluded in the debates.  I fell into the trap of ignoring him too because of how he was portrayed by Fox News.  However, that was a BIG MISTAKE.  After reading his books and listening to his philosophy, I can see why the NEOCONS in the Republican Party want him to be ignored.  It is because Ron Paul has been right all along on virtually every issue!  Big government would truly be in danger if he were elected.

It seems that the plan may be to ignore Ron Paul again.  Here is the link from Reason Magazine: Ron Paul is the Future! (So You’ve Got to Ignore Him)

First GOP Presidential Debate And Ron Paul At The Debate