Silver Shield’s Final Warning & Commentary By One Of Our Members

Here is a link to a very important read about our monetary system: Silver Shield’s Final Warning – Don’t Tread On Me

The following commentary was offered by one of our members about this whole situation.  It is very thought provoking.

Actually I do think silver and gold will rise. They are totally screwing with the precious metals market. They are running a total scam. Not only are they short selling silver and gold but, they are going to make a killing on it, use those proceeds to buy the real deal, and then make ownership of it illegal. That will be, along with the confiscation of property, the final criminal stealing of all wealth.

They are, as of right now, selling gold on the futures market @ just less than $10,000 for a reserve purchase of 100 ounces of gold. Yep, for approximately $9,500 in cash you can purchase 100 ounces of gold. NOT physical ownership of gold but a reserve amount of 100 ounces held in a sort of ETF set up.

Are you kidding? Why did gold give back over $100 per ounce in one day? Because they raised the risk of purchase, another words, they raised the amount of cash to reserve 100 ounces by about 10%. That resulted in a pull back.

What does this all mean? It is actually quite complicated but, in simple terms, the price of gold and silver are purposely being suppressed, seriously suppressed. Gold and silver are being short sold. They are selling gold and silver THAT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!

What do you think will happen when the calls come in? You have the economy begin to unravel in real terms, people call in the futures on gold and silver………….yep, the prices will absolutely sky rocket. Here is one of the rubs. You purchase gold or silver via ETF and you are totally screwed because it isn’t real gold and silver you physically own or even actually exists.

So you own physical gold and silver? I guarantee it will be made illegal to physically own/possess it.

Now look at the real estate market i.e. land. We had a very informative presentation at our last meeting by someone who was in the mortgage-real estate industry. You may know who you are paying your mortgage to but do you know who owns the note to your property? If you know who owns your note, not your mortgage, you are one of a very select few who does.

The fact is, in most cases, the government owns/possesses your note via Fannie May/Freddie Mac. That means they own right to your property. In other words, not only do they own 35% of all land in the US outright, they own the note to nearly 90% of all property private and commercial. Did you pay off your mortgage? Good for you. You do not own your house unless you possess the note/title to your property free and clear.

So, the central banks own almost all of the gold and silver, physical not ETF/Futures. They own the sovereign debt of most nations. You think China owns most of our debt? At best they own 1 trillion dollars, Japan a close second, all others combined equals another 3 to 4 trillion. That is 5 to 6 trillion. Oh, wait……..our national debt is 14.6 trillion…….who do we owe that to? The central banks folks, the Fed. The same is true of every modern country in the world. But other banks own the debt right? Really? Why did the too big to fail, not fail. Because the Fed chose to save them. The central banks control which banks are in business and which are not.

They have power over every one of the big banks and, in fact, the big banks are simply a tool of the Fed. Million dollar question? Who owns the central banks……..

Ok. They own the gold and silver, they own the banks, they control the issue of currency, they have control of the notes for up to 90% of all property in the US.

 What this simply means is that the greatest theft-confiscation of wealth in world history is nearly complete. When the people finally realize what has/is happening, when to many of the sheep finally wake up, the game is up right? Nope, that is what DHS and Northcom are for along with the 100’s of thousands of foreign troops currently on our soil.

And the only candidate that is talking about it is who…….Ron Paul. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

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