Why Ron Paul Scares Rick Perry

From The Hill:

Why Ron Paul scares Rick Perry

By Brent Budowsky – 09/12/11 10:20 AM ET

One of the cardinal rules of politics is “never attack down,” meaning a front-runner should never attack or respond to an opponent who is far behind. Yet that is what Rick Perry is doing. He is intimidated by Ron Paul, and responding to Ron Paul. Why? The answer is that Ron Paul is a true libertarian and a true conservative, while the latest version of Rick Perry, the man who once championed Al Gore, is a phony conservative and can’t even pretend to be a phony libertarian.

As I have written repeatedly, Rick Perry is the ultimate pay-for-play government man, the exact opposite of a true conservative and a true libertarian. Ron Paul, whether one agrees with him or not, is the true libertarian and a genuine conservative in ways that Rick Perry can never be. That is why Rick Perry fears Ron Paul.

I completely disagree with the mainstream media and insider pundit consensus that Republicans now have a two-person race. I again predict that Rick Perry will self-destruct.

Mitt Romney has inherent problems that are very deep and explain why he cannot rise above a certain level of support and level of trust from Republicans or Democrats.

I believe a new Republican candidate will emerge well before the Republican convention and will write who I believe it is, and why, in the not-too-distant future.For now it is fascinating to watch Ron Paul get under Rick Perry’s skin, and into Rick Perry’s head.

Rick Perry is afraid of Ron Paul.

Rick Perry should be afraid of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s very presence reveals what a polyester impersonation of a conservative Rick Perry actually is.

The beneficiary of this will not be Mitt Romney, whatever other insiders instruct you to believe.

Climate Change Is Natural – No Kidding!

This is a great article from the UK that gives 100 reasons why “climate change” is natural.  Pull these facts out the next time you encounter the global warming “true believer”.  Here is the article: CLIMATE CHANGE IS NATURAL: 100 REASONS WHY

The Cap and Trade industry is a scam and all about making money.  Watch the Global Warming episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.  Ventura gives Al Gore a “pass” in the show, but  to his credit admits that they are friends.  I assume Gore wouldn’t do an interview knowing what the show was about.  We all know Al Gore is a scammer, but Ventura finds another villain or two while demonstrating the truth behind the Green movement.

Al Gore In Madison Won’t Answer Questions About The Lies In His Movie

Al Gore speaking in Madison refuses to answer about the lies in his movie An Inconvenient Truth.  Here is the video: