Jesse Ventura Sues TSA In Pat-Down Smackdown

Jesse Ventura Sues TSA In Pat-Down Smackdown

No matter what you think of Jesse Ventura, he is doing us all a service here.  Does anyone think the “Porn and Grope” routine is not violating our 4th Amendment rights?  And is this routine even effective?  The government even admits that on secret “tests” TSA agents missed guns and bombs.


Climate Change Is Natural – No Kidding!

This is a great article from the UK that gives 100 reasons why “climate change” is natural.  Pull these facts out the next time you encounter the global warming “true believer”.  Here is the article: CLIMATE CHANGE IS NATURAL: 100 REASONS WHY

The Cap and Trade industry is a scam and all about making money.  Watch the Global Warming episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.  Ventura gives Al Gore a “pass” in the show, but  to his credit admits that they are friends.  I assume Gore wouldn’t do an interview knowing what the show was about.  We all know Al Gore is a scammer, but Ventura finds another villain or two while demonstrating the truth behind the Green movement.