The National Defense Authorization Act

Ron Paul On National Defense Authorization Act – Establishes Martial Law In America

Stewart Rhodes On Alex Jones Talking About Senate Bill 1867 – The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

This bill has passed the Senate.   Call your Representative and tell them to vote against this bill until the provisions that will give clear congressional support and authorization for indefinite military detention and military trial of American citizens is removed from the bill.


Below is a video from Alex Jones regarding the feds desire to ban his film THE OBAMA DECEPTION saying it was the reason the man shot at the White House recently.  I encourage everyone to watch the film.  It never advocates for violence of any kind.  This is a way to move the dialogue of those critical of the “globalist elite / central banksters” as being crazy and motivated to commit acts of violence.

No matter what you think of Alex Jones, this should scare everyone.  As we have written previously, this is a tool to paint advocates of liberty and fidelity to the Constitution as “extremists”.  The change from using the term “terrorist” to the now commonly used term “extremist” is deliberate.  It is an important step in bringing the full power of the Patriot Act to bear on those critical of the Fed and advocates of freedom, sound money, big government,  etc…

By  implying that people watching films like THE OBAMA DECEPTION are motivated to violence, they are essentially now calling these people “terrorists”.  After all, according to their definition,  isn’t that what terrorists are?  Terrorists are people / groups motivated by ideology to commit acts of violence.

As we have said repeatedly, the bigger government gets, the less liberty we all have.  Stand up for liberty now!

Ron Paul On FEMA and Ron Paul Can’t Win? Part 2

Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher On Alex Jones Speaking About The Eugenics Movement And His Film MAAFA 21 – Black Genocide In The 21st Century

Mark Crutcher created the film MAAFA 21 – Black Genocide In The 21st Century, a film we have been passing out for a long time.  If you want to get a copy of this film, come to one of our meetings!

Glenn Beck’s Shtick? Alex Jones Got There First

Here is a recent article from Rolling Stone magazine regarding Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.  It is an article worth reading.  Both men have provided a lot of valuable information.  You be the judge on the article.

Glenn Beck’s Shtick? Alex Jones Got There First

Lord Christopher Monckton On The UN Climate Summit In Cancun Mexico

Many of you have heard of Lord Christopher Monckton, the British Lord who has continually exposed the global climate change fraud.  Listen as Lord Monckton talks with Alex Jones about the global government agenda hidden within the UN Climate Change Summit’s prospective “Treaty” or “Accords.”

The Rock River Patriots have talked repeatedly about the how sustainable development ties directly back into UN Agenda 21 citing the fantastic work in part by Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates.  The building blocks for much of this agenda is accomplished at these meetings.

Judge Napolitano on the TSA Storm Trooper Tactics


The Federal Lawsuit Against Arizona’s Immigration Law

Here is a video with Alex Jones talking about the Federal Lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law.  As we have heard at our last meeting with one of the Arizona Minutemen, the situation on the border is terrible.