Below is a video from Alex Jones regarding the feds desire to ban his film THE OBAMA DECEPTION saying it was the reason the man shot at the White House recently.  I encourage everyone to watch the film.  It never advocates for violence of any kind.  This is a way to move the dialogue of those critical of the “globalist elite / central banksters” as being crazy and motivated to commit acts of violence.

No matter what you think of Alex Jones, this should scare everyone.  As we have written previously, this is a tool to paint advocates of liberty and fidelity to the Constitution as “extremists”.  The change from using the term “terrorist” to the now commonly used term “extremist” is deliberate.  It is an important step in bringing the full power of the Patriot Act to bear on those critical of the Fed and advocates of freedom, sound money, big government,  etc…

By  implying that people watching films like THE OBAMA DECEPTION are motivated to violence, they are essentially now calling these people “terrorists”.  After all, according to their definition,  isn’t that what terrorists are?  Terrorists are people / groups motivated by ideology to commit acts of violence.

As we have said repeatedly, the bigger government gets, the less liberty we all have.  Stand up for liberty now!

Patriot Act’s Wiretapping & FISA Provisions Up for Renewal This Month

While these provisions are not even close to the worst parts of the Patriot Act, opposing these measures are a start.  We need to continue to fight for the government to obey the Constitution.  This is a tremendous opportunity to educate people about the principles of liberty and freedom.  We cannot allow this to be “passed in the middle of the night”.

When you are called a “liberal” or some other pejorative names, ask them this question: If we are so concerned about terrorism, why haven’t we secured our borders? It’s been over 10 yrs since 9/11 and we still do not know who is coming in to our country.

Here are several links about the provisions up for renewal:

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Patriot Act’s Wiretapping & FISA Provisions Up for Renewal this Month

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