Stewart Rhodes On Alex Jones Talking About Senate Bill 1867 – The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

This bill has passed the Senate.   Call your Representative and tell them to vote against this bill until the provisions that will give clear congressional support and authorization for indefinite military detention and military trial of American citizens is removed from the bill.

Bill O’Reilly – No Conservative Here

Here is a clip with Bill O’Reilly interviewing Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers.  Listen to O’Reilly justify the unconstitutional confiscation of firearms after Hurricane Katrina.  This is more proof that O’Reilly is no conservative.  This is by no means anything new, but needs to be brought to light.

The exact purpose of having a firearm IS to defend yourself against tyranny in whatever form that comes your way.  A declared “state of emergency” does not change the 2nd Amendment.