We Don’t Want Tommy Thompson To Be Our Senator

Are you in the crowd who thinks former WI Governor Tommy Thompson should run for U.S. Senate?  Here are a couple videos that might change your mind.  He supports Obamacare or something like it, and he wants you to get “chipped”.  There are many other reasons not to support Tommy, but this is a good start.

To spare you from getting sick, watch at about two minutes into the first video.

Here Tommy is talking about getting a Verichip from several years ago.  For students of bible prophecy, you may recognize this as a precursor to “the mark of the beast” from Revelation 13:16-17.


Lt. Governor Candidate Dave Ross Candidate Forum

Below are the first three segments with Superior Mayor Dave Ross, who is running for Lt. Governor.  The remaining segments can be viewed on our YouTube channel: rockriverpatriots.

Dave faces off with two other Republicans in the primary, Brett Davis and Rebecca Kleefisch.  Both were also extended invitations to attend candidate forums, and neither have responded.

Dave Westlake Candidate Vetting Session

Here are the first several segments of our July 2010 vetting session with U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Westlake.  The remainder of the video can be viewed on our YouTube channel: rockriverpatriots

U.S. Senate Candidate Rob Taylor Vetting Session

The video of our candidate vetting session with Rob Taylor from this July meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel (rockriverpatriots) and now available.  Rob Taylor is running as an Independent for U.S. Senate against Russ Feingold.  Mr. Taylor is endorsed by the Constitution Party.   Below are the first four parts of the session.  Check our YouTube channel for the remaining 5 video clips of the vetting session.