The Rock River Patriots along with other patriot groups have been talking about UN Agenda 21 for the last couple of years.  We are outspoken against globalism the the push toward a New World Order and the Police State.  Below are two good articles covering the Agenda 21 and Green Tier program.

Green schemes make activists see red

Green Tieranny: Seeds

Mark your calenders!!!  The Rock River Patriots in conjunction with the Wisconsin 9/12 project are proud to announce another important seminar on Agenda 21 / Group Manipulation Tactics will be held on Saturday September 15th in Oconomowoc, WI.  We will be bringing in two well-known speakers/researchers for this event.  We will announce the names of the speakers very soon!  Mark your calenders!!!

We Don’t Want Tommy Thompson To Be Our Senator

Are you in the crowd who thinks former WI Governor Tommy Thompson should run for U.S. Senate?  Here are a couple videos that might change your mind.  He supports Obamacare or something like it, and he wants you to get “chipped”.  There are many other reasons not to support Tommy, but this is a good start.

To spare you from getting sick, watch at about two minutes into the first video.

Here Tommy is talking about getting a Verichip from several years ago.  For students of bible prophecy, you may recognize this as a precursor to “the mark of the beast” from Revelation 13:16-17.