Believe it or not, spring election day is upon us. Today April 4th, 2017 has an important WI statewide race for school superintendent between liberal incumbent Tony Evers and challenger Lowell Holtz.

Evers supports Common Core while Holtz opposes it. If you support FEDERAL control of education, then Evers is your man. If you support LOCAL control of education (the way it should be), then Holtz is the candidate you should support. It’s a classic case of liberal establishment verses reformer. We know how you should vote.

Other races are on the ballot. If you live in a school district that is having a spending referendum, we would simply encourage you to vote “NO”. School Districts, like all of us, need to live within their means and budgets. All too often school districts are bloated at the top with overpaid administrators. The money is not going into the classroom.

Carefully examine candidates at the local level. If you are not sure where they stand, find out. Fort Atkinson common council has one candidate who claimed recently that the community is so safe that the police do not need to carry guns! That is what’s out there folks! Be careful!


Vote For Freedom This Election Day!

On April 5th, 2016…Vote for Freedom! 

Which candidates will make you more free?  Who will obey their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and not be an activist?  Who will do what is right and not be in the pocket of special interest groups?  Who will try to move Wisconsin backward and undo all of the reforms that have been put in place?

The choice is yours…choose wisely!

Vote For Freedom On April 7th!

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!  If you have not already done so, look at the candidates.  The WI Supreme Court election is an important one.  Do you want an activist judge or a judicial conservative?  The WI constitutional amendment seeking to allow WI Supreme Court justices to elect their Chief Justice only makes sense and deserves a “yes” vote.

Many school board, town, and municipal races are on the ballot.  It is your duty to learn about the candidates.  Do they support Common Core, radical environmentalism, tax increases, or growing government?  If they do, you should be voting for someone else.