Vote For Freedom This Election Day!

On April 5th, 2016…Vote for Freedom! 

Which candidates will make you more free?  Who will obey their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and not be an activist?  Who will do what is right and not be in the pocket of special interest groups?  Who will try to move Wisconsin backward and undo all of the reforms that have been put in place?

The choice is yours…choose wisely!

Justice Prosser – “I want to protect people from the government”

Justice Prosser is the only judicial conservative in the WI Supreme Court Race and the only candidate with judicial experience.  His opponent, Joann Kloppenburg, is a judicial activist who has never even been a judge! 

There is a reason the unions are fighting as hard as possible to get her elected.  They expect her and the other activists on the court to find a way to undue what the Governor and Legislature have done.  The liberals lost big at the ballot box in November, so their only refuge is the courts.  It is shameful, but it is the liberal way.

Here is a recent clip of Justice Prosser.