OPPOSE LRB-0312/1: Eliminating personal conviction exemption from immunizations

There is currently a proposal being circulated in the WI state legislature that would take away the rights of parents to refuse vaccines based on personal convictions. It has support from both Democrats and Republicans. Legislators are asking other legislators to sign onto this proposal before it becomes a bill. The more support it has the faster it will move through the legislature.

Everyone wants to turn this into a debate about vaccines (which it’s not…make your own decision on vaccination).  HOWEVER…this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

This is 100% a parental rights issue.


1. Parents should have the rights to choose the best care for their children without having the government forcibly take over. This bill sets the precedent that the GOVERNMENT now gets control over the heath of your child.

2. Some would say…”They are still keeping the religious exemption so what’s the big deal?” This is another distraction from what is actually happening. The GOVERNMENT is setting the precedent that it gets to control the heath of your child against your will.

3. Setting this precedent is not small issue. It will only grow.  Lawmakers will be opening the door to change other laws.  Maybe in the future they will determine how you school your child. What must be taught to your child. Where you child has to go to school. Other healthcare choices for your child, especially if they aren’t deemed viable, or useful to society. (Look to other countries in Europe who already have taken away parents rights on all of the above issues)

Contact your state Assembly person and State Senator immediately!  Tell them you are staunchly opposed to LRB-0312/1: Eliminating personal conviction exemption from immunizations.  This bill is authored by Representatives Hintz, Vorpagel, Kolste, Brostoff, Myers and Riemer and Sen. Carpenter.   

Type in your home address to find the contact info for your legislators here: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/  Contacting them directly is the best option but you can also use the Legislative Hotline at: 1-800-362-9472


Letter To The Editor – Vaccines

Below is a “Letter To The Editor” from one of our members regarding vaccines.  Read the letter, draw your own conclusions, and/or investigate this information further for yourself.

Letter to the Editor,
Crosstalk, a nationwide Christian radio talk show recently interviewed Barbara Fisher r/t to the recent vaccine craze we seem to be experiencing. Fisher is the President of the National Vaccine Information Center which she co-founded with other parents in 1982 as a result of parents whose children have been damaged d/t vaccines. Jim Schneider, Crosstalk’s host asked the question, “Do you believe we are over vaccinating our children?” with Jim referencing her statistical report of 49 doses of 14 vaccines being given to children before the age of 6. Fishers response is that the vaccination schedule for children before the age of 6 has tripled from what it used to be. She adds for older children it is 69 doses of 16 vaccines by the time they reach 18.

Barb Fisher expressed concern for the increase in chronically ill and disabled children.  She cites: 1 in 6 learning disabled, 1 in 9 asthma, 1 in 10 w/ ADHD,  1 in 110 w/ autism, 1 in 450 diabetes. She reports, “we have a lot of children who have chronic immune and brain dysfunction disorders in various forms”. She further explains the fact that vaccines are targeted to manipulate the immune system and is done so repeatedly with each additional vaccine administered to children. She reported that some children’s systems are biologically unable to handle the increased use of vaccines, thus  her organization, The National Vaccine Information Center. This organization for 30 years has requested more research on scientific studies to try and identify high risk individuals. She also reported that the vaccines of today don’t fit the same model our polio and small pox vaccines did years ago.

The program moved onto the most recent concern of Assembly Bill 499 in California. If Gov. Jerry Brown signs this bill into law, it would be the first law that would allow ALL vaccinations, present and future to be given to minor children without the knowledge or consent of parents. Further troubling with this is the fact that if their children get injured or die from a vaccine, not only would the parents be unaware of the vaccine, but they would assume ALL responsibility for the long term care and side effects. Fisher reports that this year, the US Supreme Court has said, “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, therefore there shall be no legal liability on the part of the vaccine manufactures whenever a child or adult is injured or killed by a vaccine”. Not only are the manufactures not held for any moral responsibility, nor are the doctors or vaccine providers held responsible as they are protected and free from any charges through the National Childhood Act. Again, all responsibility will be left to the parents.

Fast forward to the end of the broadcast, there was discussion as to why the concern for possibly forcing flu and swine flu vaccines onto people, especially in the past of health care workers who were given a choice of being vaccinated or loosing their jobs.

Barb Fisher encourages people to be their own health care advocate and become informed about their health care decisions including vaccinations.

Point of action:
Call Gov. Jerry Brown 916-445-2841. You will reach a recording that is tabulating the number of votes in favor of Ass Bill 499 and those who oppose this bill which would give the parents the right to know and choose if they want their child vaccinated. It takes seconds.

Barb Fisher has a most informative web site  www.nvic.org which gives you much information and encourages you to get involved in being educated about the issues.

You can purchase a CD for $6.00 from VCY America 1-800-729-9829 or download for free from their web site  vcyamerica.org
The date of the program was 9/19/2011  HPV Vaccinations—What the Public Needs to Know