Rock River Patriots Meeting This Friday June 14th

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting this Friday June 14th at 6:00pm in Fort Atkinson at the Dwight Foster Library.  The Dwight Foster Library is located at 209 Merchants Avenue in Fort Atkinson.

At this meeting, we will receive an update on the WI budget process from Rep. Steve Nass.  We will also discuss the recent “Big Brother Government Spying” revelations that have come to light and hear the story of one whistle-blower on this issue.

The RRP have continually spoke out against the Patriot Act and the Federal Gov’t spying on American citizens without a warrant.  In light of all the recent scandals and abuses of power, why would we trust them to do the right thing.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Instead, we need to bind the government down by the chains of the Constitution”, as one of our Founding Fathers had said.  The government’s primary function is to protect our freedom and keep us free, not to provide “cradle to the grave” security.  When government keeps us free and protects our liberty, we are made safer.  However, when government assumes ultimate power and authority in order to protect us, they will ultimately always protect themselves (government).

Rep. Steve Nass Calls Out Chief Tubbs

Thank You To All Our Guests At Patriot Lobby Day And Our Open Carry Picnic

On Tuesday September 13, 2011 patriots from around the state converged on the Capitol in Madison to welcome back our legislators for the fall legislative session.  Patriots from The Rock River Patriots, WI 9/12 group, Uninfringed Liberty, Sauk County TEA Party, and other groups were represented.

We want to thank Rep. Scott Suder, Rep. Evan Wynn, Rep. Joe Knilans, Rep. Dean Knutson, Rep. Steve Nass, Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald, Sen. Frank Lasee, Sen. Pam Galloway, Sen. Neal Kedzie, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, and all the other legislators who met with us today to talk about our the fall legislative agenda and issues that are of great importance to us.

Below are some pictures from our gathering at the capitol rotunda from 11:30 – 1:30 pm.  The usual Marxists and Socialists were there singing, shouting, and being disruptive as they do virtually every day.  As part of the “Silent Majority” we stood around the rotunda with our Gadsden flags.  The “singers” were very agitated because we were there silent virtually the whole time excluding a couple times when several patriots tried to explain why we were there.  It became obvious quickly that the “signers” had no interest in reason or discussion.  Instead, their tactic was to instigate and “bait” people into a confrontation.

Also included are a few pictures from our Open Carry Picnic in Fort Atkinson on Saturday September 10th.  Thank you to all who attended!  It was great to see so many like minded people.

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The Rock River Patriots Welcome Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

The Rock River Patriots have the pleasure of welcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser at our meeting this Friday February 11th.  Justice Prosser is running for re-election for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, and the only judicial conservative in the race (in my opinion).  Justice Prosser will speak about his campaign and judicial philosophy at this meeting.  For more information about Justice Prosser, please visit his web site at:

Our meeting will be held at Kendall Packaging in Jefferson at 6pm.  Kendall Packaging is located at 707 N. Parkway Street in Jefferson.

Rep. Evan Wynn and Rep. Steve Nass will also be present to talk about their respective agendas, and about what is happening currently in Madison.

Hope to see you all there!  This not a meeting to miss!