Another Reason Light Rail Is A Bad Idea

The Dane County Board recently created a Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for the purpose of creating and operating a commuter rail line.  The arguments against this creation were obvious, but they did it anyway.  The Wisconsin 9/12 group and We The People Of The Republic were out in force trying to stop it, but the Dane County Board didn’t care.

So what is the big deal?  This only will affect Dane County right?  Wrong!!!  The RTA will now seek to have other counties who “use” the rail lines included in the RTA, and be on the hook for a part of the cost.  That means another NEW TAX on all of us!  Tell all of your County Board Supervisors we do not want to be part of any RTA.

On top of that sickening news, the feds are seeking to pass new laws for “safety oversight” of subways and light rail lines.  As with the rest of things done by the Federal Gov’t, now be prepared to see more bureaucracy, more mandates, more spending, and more waste.  Here is the link to the story:  Federal oversight of subways proposed

Obama Coming To J.C. Wright Middle School Nov. 4th

“Comrade” Obama will be in Madison at J.C. Wright Middle School in Madison (1717 Fish Hatchery Road, Madison, WI 53713) on November 4th to talk about indoctrinating…oops…I mean “educating” our kids.  No times have been listed as of yet.

What is interesting is that this visit is closed to the public.  Only invited guests will be allowed in.  So much for transparency.  We can only hope that at least some of the parents voice their displeasure.  This is another example of their propaganda machine using “the children”.

Maybe some of the loyal opposition can make it there to show our displeasure!

Here is a link to the story: Obama Coming To Madison

This Is Why Your Vote Matters!

Radical Environmentalism – The Religion Of The Left

The radical environmental movement has to be the religion of the Liberals, Socialists,and Marxists.  Where else would a group have blind faith in a theory that has been demonstrated to be wrong.  There has been no global temperature increases for the past 10 years while CO2 levels have been steadily increasing.

Now there is more quackery from the Climate Chief in Britian Lord Stern.  He believes that eating meat is a major cause of global warming because of animal flatulence.  The Methane contained in theses “farts” is “23 times more powerful than CO2 as greenhouse gas” says Lord Stern.  Amazing they can continue with this rhetoric.

From Times Online UK:

“Lord Stern, the author of the influential 2006 Stern Review on the cost of tackling global warming, said that a successful deal at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December would lead to soaring costs for meat and other foods that generate large quantities of greenhouse gases.”

Here is the link to the full article : Lord Stern tells us to become vegetarians

The Day ObamaCare Died – Funny Video

Tammy Baldwin Heard From The Angry Mob!

On Saturday September 26th, Rep. Tammy Baldwin held two town hall meetings in Beloit and Lake Mills.  The estimated attendance at Beloit was about 50 people and at Lake Mills about 80 people.  Many of the Rock River Patriots attended the Lake Mills town hall, as did many other concerned citizens.

I was at the Lake Mills town hall from about 1:30 – 3:30pm with many other Patriots.  I left while the meeting was still going.  While at the town hall, out of all those who spoke, I heard only two people that were for government run health care.  Everyone else was against it.  Many spoke about the lack of transparency in this administration, voiced their disgust about Rep. Baldwin’s vote against the bill to de-fund ACORN, spoke about how bad the Cap and Trade (Tax) bill would be for Wisconsin, and spoke out against Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.   Much of the town hall meeting and the comments were video taped.  Above are some videos of the Angry Mob!

This is what Kirsten Lombard from the Wisconsin 9/12 Project wrote about attending the Lake Mills meeting:

Tammy had a few supporters there.  But most of the folks there were much like you and me–concerned citizens who don’t like what they see happening. People respectfully held her feet to the fire, and she got called out on a few things.  It was a privilege to be there and to hear the respectful individual voices of District 2 constituents coming together in agreement that our we are not being properly represented in Washington and that we will no longer accept what is happening.

I have heard from others who attended the town hall in Beloit.  This is what Jim Sutter wrote:

I attended the Beloit , Listening Session, held by Rep. Baldwin, and wanted to share some of my observations and thoughts.   Attendance was roughly 50 people maybe slightly more.  Of those there, my estimate is about ¼ were Baldwin and health care reform supporters.   At this listening session it was apparent that the majority of attendees were in opposition of the current health care reform bill and cap and trade bills.   I know this is only one session, but Ms Baldwin regularly touts that her constituents are demanding health care reforms.   She doesn’t say the minority of her constituents demand it.

My gut feeling is that the overall position of those attending is that there is very little trust or confidence in our government representatives, the governments facts & figures or the ability to run anything efficiently.  I don’t think anyone that attended this meeting had any hope that Ms Baldwin was going to change her thoughts or votes based on what she was asked or told today.  It seems apparent that her beliefs and mind is made up and she was mainly trying to use talking points to appease or convince the people attending to accept her actions and comments.

Here is the Daily Jefferson County Union Story: Rep. Baldwin’s Town Hall

Tammy Baldwin Listening Sessions Saturday September 26th in Beloit and Lake Mills

Tammy Baldwin is having two listening sessions on Saturday Sept. 26.  We need to make our presence known at both!  Tell as many people as you can!

The first one is at 10:00am in Beloit at the Public Library.  Here is the link info about that event:

Tammy Baldwin Beloit Listening Session

The second is in Lake Mills at the Municipal Building at 1:30pm.  Here is the link for info about that event:

Tammy Baldwin Lake Mills Listening Session

Let’s all tell go and tell Tammy we don’t want government run health care or cap and trade!

Just a reminder the Rock River Patriots meeting will be held on Friday September 25, 2009 at Kendall Packaging 707 N. Parkway Street in Jefferson.  The meeting starts at 6pm.

Barak Obama – The Neville Chamberlain of Our Time?

Neville Chamberlain was the appeasing Prime Minister of the UK from 1937 to 1940.  Chamberlain appeased Hitler with the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland, an area of immense strategic importance, to the Nazis.  The ink was barley dry on the agreement before Hitler broke it and continued with his ambitions.

On September 24, 2009 Obama will preside over a session of the UN Security Counsel.  Obama set the agenda, and took off the table a discussion about Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb.  Is that not appeasement when the discussion is supposed to be about nuclear non-proliferation?

We all know the UN is a corrupt organization that is loaded with despots from all over the world.  We also know the UN is a group that does nothing more than talk “tough” and pass meaningless resolutions.  Now with President Obama, even the “tough talk” is gone.  That leads us to the ultimate question.  If even the “talking tough” game is gone for the UN, what is there really left for them to do?

Here is a link to the story: The World is Watching You, Mr. President

Light Rail In Jeffeson County? Say It Isn’t So!

This is why we need to remain vigilant!  Even though the referendum has been voted down, look at what they are up to in county government now.

Look at the County Board Minutes in the Jefferson Daily Union on September 16, 2009.  In County Board Chairperson Sharon Schmeling’s report, she stated county government is supporting efforts to have a passenger rail line link Milwaukee, Watertown, and Madison.

I spoke with Chairperson Schmeling about this matter.  She replied to me that she should have been clearer in her report.  Ms. Schmeling said it is the Economic Development Consortium that supports this, and not county government.  I advised her that the report should be corrected.  According to Ms. Schmeling, the Consortium supports this because of possibility that businesses could “piggy-back” on upgraded rail lines to move their products.  I replied that this is a short sighted view and makes no sense given the ENORMOUS cost to taxpayers.  Businesses can truck their goods where they need to go, or use existing rail lines.  It is not the job of the taxpayers to pay for anything and everything that will help a hand-full of  businesses.

As most of you know, light rail is a boondoggle all the way around.  It requires massive government subsidies and never pays for itself.  This is just another way for big cities to tax people outside their districts for their pet projects.

Call your Jefferson County Board Supervisor and the Economic Development Consortium.  Tell them this is OUTRAGEOUS!  Tell everyone else about this and encourage them to call.  The Economic Development Consortium meets in Jefferson the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the UW-Extension on Collins Road at 8:30am in room 107.  The number for the Consortium is 920-674-8711.

Here are some stories about the light rail failures around the country:

Seattle Commuter Rail Failures, Portland Rail Fiasco,Vermont Rail Failures, Transit Failure Exposed By Census, The Strange Thing About Light Rail

The Cost of “Free” Healthcare