The Cost of “Free” Healthcare

The Healthcare Bill

Here is a link to all of the items hidden in the health care bill. If this bill passes, say goodbye to your freedoms.

Hidden Items in the Healthcare Bill

Here is what one of the elected representatives thinks about reading the bill he is going to vote on:

Paul Ryan on MSNBC Regarding Healthcare Debate

Make sure you watch this until the end…Rep. Ryan doesn’t let the liberal reporters get away with their flawed logic.

Contact Your Legislator Regarding Healthcare

The truth is that any government health care solution is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  The Constitution mandates no such “right”.

Here is a health care solution you can copy/paste and send to your legislator:

The number of uninsured (estimated to be 45 million) is grossly overinflated.  Much of that number is illegal immigrants, people who qualify under existing gov’t programs for care, and those who can afford to get insurance, but do not because they don’t want to spend the money.

Here is the solution to health care:

  • No health benefits for illegal immigrants.
  • Institute reforms to the civil litigation system to prevent frivolous law suits against doctors for malpractice.
  • Allow for a free market system solution not another insurance system.
  • Insurance coverage should only be for catastrophic illness/injuries.
  • Utilize Medical Savings Accounts for the individual that goes with them if they change jobs.
  • The amount paid for premiums by employers/employees can go into this account, as well as a portion of a persons Social Security and Medicare withholding.
  • Make doctors offices, clinics,labs, and hospitals publish the costs for each and every procedure, etc…  Then people can shop around for their health care, and not have an insurance company tell them what they have to do.

This process will drive down costs due to competition and make the care better.  People will go to the place that offers them the best service and value.  Doctors and patients can weigh the costs vs benefits of a particular test or procedure.  The decisions are back in the hands of the patients and their doctors, not bureaucrats.

Here is a link with useful information by pollster Frank Luntz to help you get your point across: Frank Luntz – The Language of Healthcare

The Danger Of Nationalized Healthcare