Another Reason Light Rail Is A Bad Idea

The Dane County Board recently created a Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for the purpose of creating and operating a commuter rail line.  The arguments against this creation were obvious, but they did it anyway.  The Wisconsin 9/12 group and We The People Of The Republic were out in force trying to stop it, but the Dane County Board didn’t care.

So what is the big deal?  This only will affect Dane County right?  Wrong!!!  The RTA will now seek to have other counties who “use” the rail lines included in the RTA, and be on the hook for a part of the cost.  That means another NEW TAX on all of us!  Tell all of your County Board Supervisors we do not want to be part of any RTA.

On top of that sickening news, the feds are seeking to pass new laws for “safety oversight” of subways and light rail lines.  As with the rest of things done by the Federal Gov’t, now be prepared to see more bureaucracy, more mandates, more spending, and more waste.  Here is the link to the story:  Federal oversight of subways proposed

Light Rail In Jeffeson County? Say It Isn’t So!

This is why we need to remain vigilant!  Even though the referendum has been voted down, look at what they are up to in county government now.

Look at the County Board Minutes in the Jefferson Daily Union on September 16, 2009.  In County Board Chairperson Sharon Schmeling’s report, she stated county government is supporting efforts to have a passenger rail line link Milwaukee, Watertown, and Madison.

I spoke with Chairperson Schmeling about this matter.  She replied to me that she should have been clearer in her report.  Ms. Schmeling said it is the Economic Development Consortium that supports this, and not county government.  I advised her that the report should be corrected.  According to Ms. Schmeling, the Consortium supports this because of possibility that businesses could “piggy-back” on upgraded rail lines to move their products.  I replied that this is a short sighted view and makes no sense given the ENORMOUS cost to taxpayers.  Businesses can truck their goods where they need to go, or use existing rail lines.  It is not the job of the taxpayers to pay for anything and everything that will help a hand-full of  businesses.

As most of you know, light rail is a boondoggle all the way around.  It requires massive government subsidies and never pays for itself.  This is just another way for big cities to tax people outside their districts for their pet projects.

Call your Jefferson County Board Supervisor and the Economic Development Consortium.  Tell them this is OUTRAGEOUS!  Tell everyone else about this and encourage them to call.  The Economic Development Consortium meets in Jefferson the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the UW-Extension on Collins Road at 8:30am in room 107.  The number for the Consortium is 920-674-8711.

Here are some stories about the light rail failures around the country:

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