Gary Mienert’s Border Presentation Was Not Racist, Contrary To What “Voces De La Frontera” Want You To Believee

The usual suspects were at work at the Arizona Border Issues Symposium with Gary Mienert and are crying racism.  Having heard Gary’s presentation several times before, it is anything but racist.  It is a graphic reminder of how dangerous it is along the border on both the Mexican and American sides.  This presentation shows why a secured border is needed.

A handful of protesters were chanting outside the hall, disrupted the presentation, and failed to stay for the entire presentation when there was an opportunity to have their questions answered.

Here is the press release link: Voces De La Frontera: Tea Party Coalition Promotes Racial Stereotypes Through Fear.

Here is a link to video of Gary’s presentation on Wisconsin Eye.  See for yourself:

Arizona Border Issues Symposium with Gary Meinert