U.N. Small Arms Treaty – Pay Attention Gun Owners

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

We have talked at length about this before and have genuine reasons to be concerned.  If the U.S. Senate ever ratifies this treaty, we will be in real trouble.

It is fair to say that it will lead to a Constitutional Crisis, and possibly a civil war.  Wisconsin residents have Constitutional protections both in the 2nd Amendment and in the WI Constitution Article I Section 25.  I could never imagine gun owners voluntarily giving up their guns nor most law enforcement officers going door to door to confiscate weapons.

However, this is another reason not to have a database of those who carry concealed.  It is a list that will be used if this small arms treaty is ever ratified.

I can already hear the shouts by gun owners.  The words echo the phrase made famous by the Spartan King Leonidas…“MOLON LABE – Come and Take Them!”