Wisconsin’s Tax Climate – From The Tax Foundation

Here are some of the facts and the link: The Tax Foundation – Taxes In Wisconsin

Tax Freedom Day Arrives on April 12 in Wisconsin
Tax Freedom Day is the day when Americans finally have earned enough money to pay off their total tax bill for the year.

Wisconsin’s State and Local Tax Burden Among Nation’s Highest

Wisconsin‘s 2011 Business Tax Climate Ranks 40th

Wisconsin Property Taxes: Among the Nation’s Highest

Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures: Wisconsin is a Donor State

Rock River Patriots Events Reminder

Reminder: At our October 23 meeting, former WI Supreme Court Candidate Judge Randy Koschnick will talk about the Constitution and answer any questions people have. The meeting is located at Kendall Packaging, 707 N. Parkway Street in Jefferson and starts at 6pm.

Reminder: On October 27 at 7pm the Jefferson County Board will hear from the public about the budget.  I encourage as many as possible to attend and tell the supervisors to cut more fat out of the budget excluding the essential services (law enforcement/EMS, and Road Maintenance).  They are still proposing a tax increase of about 3.6% when they can cut in other areas.  They could cut the spending on the county parks ($749,000 to cut the grass) and close down the courthouse for one day a week to save money.  Tell them you want Countyside Nursing Home sold, not a Co-Op!  The level of care will not be reduced!

Reminder: Watertown area residents check out this link regarding the school board meeting on October 26th and the proposed tax increase.  You need to get there to fight against the proposed 14% tax increase by the school district because WEAC will be there pushing for the tax increase.  Check out what they sent to their members.  Here is the link: http://www.jaywebershow.com/

Vote NO! Today Against Higher Taxes

Here is the case for voting against the Jefferson County Tax Increase Referendum:

Janesville WI T.E.A. Party on Saturday

A T.E.A. Party Taxpayer Protest Rally is set for 9 a.m. – noon Saturday August 15th at the Janesville Post Office, 1936 Milton Ave.  Hope all can attend and keep the pressure on!

Here is a link to the story: Janesville Tea Party

Taxes on the Rise – Change We Can’t Afford

The budget for The School District of Fort Atkinson includes a tax levy increase of 4.85%.   While they don’t have the exact figures on how much it will affect homeowners, look for a tax increase.  Based on my current school district tax levy, a 4.85% increase will amount to a $122 per year tax increase.

Daily Union Story

The Jefferson County tax levy increase, even WITHOUT PASSING the referendum, is 8.41%.  Based on my current county taxes, a 8.41% increase will amount to a $108 per year tax increase.  If the referendum passes  (proposing a total tax increase of 16.56%),  my county taxes will increase over $213 per year.

Daily Union Story on County Budget

This is outrageous!  We spent 1 year contracting and building our home.  We literally put our blood, sweat, and tears into it.  We moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment during the building process.  There were sacrifices upon sacrifices to obtain a part of the American Dream.  Now, if this out of control taxation continues, we will be taxed out of the very home we built.

We need to take back our goverment!  This is change we can’t afford!

Doyle Recall Rally

Today at 7pm there will be a Gov. Jim Doyle Recall Rally at Olympia Resort and Conference Center in Oconomowoc, WI.  On July 4th from 1-4pm we will be hosting a Tea Party at Ralph Park in Fort Atkinson.  If you think the taxation we’re facing is out of control, please join us!