When The Tables Are Turned

Recently, I received a comment from one of liberals out there saying how this was an orchestrated effort against the health care bill.  I include excerpts below because it was too long to post the whole thing.

It is always funny that when true conservatives or other concerned citizens protest AGAINST their attempts at socializing this country.  They think it MUST be set up by the Big Old Republican Fat Cats.  Liberals believe there is just no way people on their own would choose to fight against the government taking care of them.

It is  only considered “grass-roots” when the protest goes along with their socialist agenda.    It can’t possibly be that THE PEOPLE don’t want this bill shoved down their throat.  The last time I checked, conservatives are not going out seeking / using paid protesters like the liberals.

It is great to see the left getting a taste of their own medicine.  You can tell it is effective, because now the left is busing in their protesters/meeting attendees, keeping out the opposition, and resorting to violence.  Yet these same people are the ones who claim to be about peace.

Oh and they still can’t get over the fact that Bush won the election against Gore in 2000.  With all of the double voting and cheating the left did to ensure a win, Bush had to have “stolen” the election in 2000.

See the link and video below of some of the violence used against those speaking out against the health care bill.

Beating at Obamacare Rally

This is a couple excerpts from his comments:

"Here we go again. The right wing of the republican party is starting to fire up their
troops, feigning a "supposed grassroots movement" of citizens, who are willing to drive
home their opposition to any health care reform policies proposed and supported by their
enemies across the isles of both houses on Capital Hill."
"However these demonstrations taking place now are being funded by the very same parties
who orchestrated the protests during the recount of votes in Florida, that ultimately
resulted in the theft of the presidency from Al Gore, in favor of George W. Bush in
2000." - chrisposlock@msn.com