Thank You To All Who Attended The Presentation This Past Weekend by G. Edward Griffin

Thank you to Mr. Griffin and all who attended this event.  We estimate over 300 people attended the afternoon session, and over 400 attended the evening session.  We trust you were educated and informed.  We ask now that you take the newly gained knowledge and do something to educate and motivate your friends and neighbors on these important topics.

Below are a few photos from the event.

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A Watered Down FEDERAL RESERVE AUDIT Bill Passes The Senate

It is a start…But not nearly far enough!  We need to continue to fight for a FULL FED AUDIT!

Wisconsin Senator Russ Fiengold voted for the Vitter Amendment while Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl voted against it.  That’s right…Senator Herb Kohl voted against it!

Senate Votes to Audit Fed Emergency Steps, Rejects Wider Probe

Watered Down Audit the Fed Bill Passes, Ron Paul Says Senator Sanders is a Sell Out