From WI 9/12 Project: Help Assemblyman Kevin Petersen Learn

From Wisconsin 9/12 Project’s Website:

Just a little while ago, after already posting an article today on Kevin Petersen’s Obamacare-compliance fetish, someone brought the following video to my attention. It rather hilariously deals with the same theme…and proposes that we all do something about this wayward legislative soul.

Kevin Petersen is the author of AB 210. He’s the one foolishly using scare tactics and shouting, “COMPLY!” I’d say that opens things up for taxpayers and freedom lovers from all over the state to reply.

This is one noble project in which I fully intend to participate.

I hope you’ll join me in helping Kevin Petersen to learn.

Elected officials in Wisconsin need to know that the idea of compliance with Obamacare shouldn’t even be crossing their minds, much less their lips or their typing fingers. And, frankly, it’s up to we, the PEOPLE, to ensure that they stay on the straight and narrow.  If we don’t speak up, expect legislators to go off the constitutional path pretty much every single time.

Let’s train this misguided Republican legislator up right!

NOTE: To access the document, you can click here, use the link in the description of the video on YouTube, or just type it into your browser.  But don’t employ capital letters as the link appears within the video.  That actually results in a error.

Senator Lasee – AB210 – Will not advance from his committee – HOORAY!!!

Here is an article from WI Senator Frank Lasee about why he won’t advance AB210 out of his committee.  It is taken from The Daily Caller.  This is what we need from out elected officials…PRINCIPLES!!!

We have also heard that the Governor’s Office is not happy about this decision and will be attacking Senator Lasee as an Obamacare supporter.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Call the Governor’s office and tell them you applaud Senator Lasee’s decision.

Why I refuse to advance AB 210 By Sen. Frank Lasee

Over the past few weeks, Wisconsin’s state legislators have been strongly pressured to pass AB 210. The bill quickly cleared the State Assembly on October 18, after which it was assigned to the Senate Committee on Insurance and Housing, which I chair.

After a public hearing and full evaluation of the bill, I have decided to let AB 210 die in my committee. A great deal of noise will almost certainly be made about this decision. I want to provide Wisconsinites and everyone else watching this issue with the facts so that they can understand my reasons for killing this dangerous bill.

What would AB 210 achieve?

AB 210 would bring Wisconsin into compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called Obamacare, and start the process of formally embedding federal law into our state statutes. Once that door is open, it cannot be closed.

As such, AB 210 would thoroughly undermine Wisconsin’s sovereign rights under the 10th Amendment, leaving the state no authority to safeguard the health care choices and rights of our citizens. We would be subject to federal control, plain and simple. Furthermore, Wisconsin’s voluntary compliance with Obamacare would compromise our credibility in the federal court case we joined in January to contest the federal law’s constitutionality.

Over the past week, my staff and I have been in close contact with a number of nationally respected public policy institutes and health care freedom advocacy groups, including:

  • The Goldwater Institute
  • The Heartland Institute
  • The Cato Institute
  • The Pacific Research Institute
  • The Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  • The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

These experts unanimously assert that AB 210, as currently amended, poses a serious threat to Wisconsin citizens, business and industry. They firmly advise that we refuse to assist in any way with implementation of Obamacare.

They additionally agree that no amendment can fix AB 210.

My own analysis leads me to concur with their assessment.

Precisely because I am determined to protect and maintain health care freedoms for the people of Wisconsin, I stand opposed to AB 210 because of the ways in which it would entrench Obamacare in our state statutes.

Who would gain and who wouldn’t with AB 210?

A quick look into who supports AB 210 reveals that big insurance companies have united behind the bill, most notably American Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP.

In part, insurance companies support AB 210 because the bill does attempt to maximize their control over proprietary information. But they are fooling themselves. With federal law entrenched in our state statutes, Wisconsin’s insurance companies will lose any means of staving off the demand for such information. The Obama administration is interested in more control, not less. Moreover, PPACA gives the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) broad powers to change rules and regulations. That HHS wants proprietary information from all private insurance companies goes without saying.

However, AB 210 would sound a death knell for Wisconsin’s small and specialized insurers, almost certainly an attractive prospect to big insurance. As a gateway for the entrenchment of Obamacare, the bill would guarantee that only large companies — those with the resources to withstand the mountains of federal mandates Obamacare will unleash — could survive. That is not even to say that all large insurance companies would emerge unscathed.

Moreover, insurance is a key Wisconsin industry. This bill would ultimately cost many jobs that we can’t afford to lose in a difficult economy.

To take a quick tally, then, if AB 210 were to pass:


  • Big insurance
  • Big government


  • Wisconsin health care consumers
  • Wisconsin taxpayers
  • Wisconsin’s insurance industry
  • Wisconsin’s job market

Not exactly a good deal for Wisconsin.

Why all the pressure to advance AB 210 quickly?

AHIP’s support of AB 210 provides some clues regarding the speed at which this bill has traveled through the Wisconsin State Legislature. As with the federal mandate, better to pass this mess quickly so you don’t know what’s in it, what it does, who wins and who loses — until it’s too late.

At a public hearing on October 25, representatives of the State Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) indicated that if Wisconsin does not pass AB 210 by December 31, 2011, state residents will lose the ability to have insurance claims independently reviewed instate. They say such reviews will subsequently be assumed by a federal office in Chicago. In fact, this threat has been used very effectively so far to press Republican legislators into voting for AB 210.

But in reality this trade-off — major losses in exchange for a small advantage — does not justify quickly passing AB 210 into law. PPACA is written to establish total control over the states.

Oddly, the December 31, 2011 deadline does not appear in an Obamacare timeline prepared in mid-September by legislative counsel for AB 210’s author. Nor does it appear in any of the documentation provided by OCI to the Senate Committee on Insurance and Housing during AB 210’s public hearing on October 25. If December 31, 2011 is as crucial a date as OCI claims, one would think it would have been noted in key documentation concerning the bill intended to protect us from the consequences of missing that deadline.

What role does Wisconsin’s federal Early Innovator Grant play?

My office is currently investigating whether the mysterious December 31, 2011 deadline lies buried in agreements surrounding $49 million in Early Innovator Grant funds. The federal government awarded these funds to Wisconsin in February for the specific purpose of establishing a state or regional health care exchange. To be clear, such exchanges are yet another way HHS is working to entrench Obamacare within the states.

I have previously asserted that Wisconsin should neither hurry nor innovate to facilitate Obamacare. Yet, where other states with Republican leadership have wisely returned Early Innovator funds, Wisconsin still holds these monies. This circumstance only weakens our state’s position in relationship to the 10th Amendment and health care freedoms. To put it candidly: Accepting federal monies does not generally amount to strong states’ rights. Keeping these monies also undermines the power of SJR 21, the Health Care Freedom Amendment that is currently advancing through our state legislature.

I therefore strongly urge Governor Walker to swiftly return Wisconsin’s Early Innovator Grant funds. There is even stronger incentive to do so if the December 31 deadline that has been so heavily leveraged in pressing for the passage of AB 210 lies somewhere in those grant agreements.

What is the bottom line?

There is simply no threat or pressure strong enough to induce me to sell out the people of Wisconsin by advancing dangerous policy. AB 210 must die. The sovereignty of the State of Wisconsin must be upheld, the health care freedoms of its citizen preserved and true free-market competition in the health care insurance industry fostered.

Frank Lasee is a Wisconsin state senator (R – De Pere) and a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Wisconsin 2011 Assembly Bill 210 – Questions

We are looking into what appears to be a rush to pass AB210 – implementing health insurance reform, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, and granting rule-making authority.

Much of what is in this legislation is very complex and has not been thoroughly studied.  We have spoken with at least one very reliable conservative representative on this and have been told this is a BAD BILL.  His office is still looking into this.  We have heard that lobbyists are all over the place at the capitol trying to get the votes for this bill.  It has been scheduled for the floor on October 18th.    

If you are hearing that ALL the TEA Party / Patriot Groups support AB210, THAT IS COMPLETELY FALSE!!!  This could set-up an Obamacare type system at the state level.  Even if / when Obamacare is declared unconstitutional, we could have this system as it would be WI state law.  Furthermore, this may be another example of crony capitalism as a pay-off the insurance industry.

We might be totally wrong.  However, do we really want to pass something before we know what’s in it?  Why the rush?  We need the details!!!


The links are listed below for the bill.  This is all that is available right now.