No Rock River Patriots Meeting This Friday

The Rock River Patriots meeting scheduled for this Friday November 13th has been cancelled.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday December 11th.

Rock River Patriots Meeting Friday October 9th

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting tomorrow, October 9th, 2015 in Fort Atkinson at 6pm in the Community Room of the Dwight Foster Library.  The Dwight Foster Library is located at 209 Merchants Ave.
At this meeting we will discuss current events and initiatives. Hope to see you all there!

Sen. Steve Nass Press Release On AB 305 & SB 260

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Here is the PDF version: Sen. Steve Nass Press Release On AB 305 & SB 260

Thank you Sen. Nass for calling out the Republican Party Leadership!  Call Robin Voss and and your legislator.  Tell them to stop the games and get this done!

Tom DeWeese in Middleton 9/26



Tom DeWeese Flyer Download

Rock River Patriots Meeting This Friday September 11th

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting in Fort Atkinson this
Friday September 11th at 6:00 pm in the community room of the Dwight Foster
Library.  The library is located at 209 Merchants Avenue.

At this meeting, we will discuss current events and initiatives.  We will
take time to remember the victims of 09/11/01 and discuss the events of that
day.  Given the events around our nation and world, we will have our annual
emergency preparedness discussion as well.

Hope to see you all there!

A Letter To The Editor

Below is a letter to the Editor from one of our members.  No matter how you feel about same sex marriage, is it really necessary to jail the clerk for not issuing marriage licenses???

Sept. 7, 2015

Letter to the Editor,

Did you happen to notice on  Sept 3rds Watertown Daily Times the front page coverage of the deceased Munchkin Coroner, Mr Raabe  from the Wizard of Oz? And, did you happen to notice on page 9 {second to last page} coverage of Kim Davis the Kentucky clerk who has refused to issue “marriage” licenses to gay couples….And, Sept 4th, last page, we are notified that “the defiant clerk” … Kim Davis has been jailed because she refused to issue said licenses. Quite nauseating as the first paragraph of this article celebrates with the “winning” couple who “finally” was granted a “marriage” certificate, as Kim heads to jail. Weren’t we warned that this would be the next “step”.  More confirmation that The Bible is true, Isaiah 5:20 “How terrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness.


John MacArthur from his sermon “We Will Not Bow” { Available online at:} makes some very astute observations. It is his belief, that what we are witnessing in our country today is actually not about same sex marriage; but destruction to the family. Strong, moral families are the bedrock and foundation to a nation. Destroy  God’s ordained marriage,  and children will no longer be safe in that small sovereign unit we now call “family”.  More and more we are witnessing Hillary’s plan of children being raised by “the village”.  Common Core, our educational system systematically indoctrinates our children with globalism, environmentalism with the additional threat of removing our historical roots and the greatness of what America once was. How long will it be until our children will be viewed as “public children” who belong to the State?

            Yes, we live in very challenging times. Our foundations are crumbling. Our God ordained freedoms are being destroyed.  Do we shake our heads in confusion and agree “it’s too bad Kim Davis sits in jail, in isolation this Labor Day”. Or, do we stand with her and be “the sleeping giant” voice in standing for Biblical righteousness. To understand the unlawfulness of this current situation do a search on Joseph Farah’s article  “The Law Abider Who Sits is Jail”. Peter and the Apostles were jailed for preaching the truth; and when freed determined to follow God rather than man {Acts 5:29}. Will we do the same?

Windows 10 Can Collect Your Data For Gov’t Agencies?

Well…Judge for yourself.  From:

Windows 10 Can Collect Your Data For Gov’t Agencies – What to Do

By Heather Callaghan

Windows 10 OS – the ultimate Big Brother?

Of the 14+ million people who have recently installed Microsoft’s new Windows 10, there haven’t been many complaints until now.

The system is said to run more efficiently, but apparently someone only recently read the tome of a service agreement. Let’s just say that Windows 10 goes above and beyond good service and makes sure that you are being a good citizen. Who is the one really getting the upgrade, here?

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