Campaign For Liberty Welcomes Thomas Woods To Wisconsin September 21st

Campaign for Liberty is organizing an event “Restoring the Republic–Wisconsin, States’ Rights & the Power of Nullification” featuring Tom Woods.
The event will be held on September 21st at Country Springs Hotel 2810 Golf Road in Pewaukee, WI 9am – 2pm.  Below is a printable flyer.

Sheriff Mack At Olympia Resort In Oconomowoc

The video from Sheriff Richard Mack’s visit to Wisconsin has been posted (or will be posted shortly).  The first three videos are posted below.  To see the remaining two segments, visit our YouTube channel: rockriverpatriots.  Thank you again to Sheriff Mack and all the patriots who brought him to Wisconsin.

Great Video From Freedom Watch With Judge Napolitano

Here Is How We Take Back Our Government – The 10th Amendment

With the passage of the terrible health care bill by Congress, the time to stop the over-reaching Federal Government is now!  States need to assert their 10th Amendment rights.  Here is a great article from the Campaign for Liberty’s website: Gun Rights and States Rights

I hope all State governments have the courage to do what is right.  It may mean deep spending cuts and the elimination of non-essential programs, but it will benefit everyone in the future.


The States Need To Assert Their 10th Amendment Rights

The States can stop the out of control Federal Government by reasserting their 10th Amendment rights!  It seems the elected officials in Washington D.C. are still not listening to us after all the TEA Parties and the 9/12 March.

What if the States stopped sending any money to the Feds for all the unconstitutional programs that exist and instead handled the problems on a state and local level?  That is how the people can take back our government.  The States need to assert their 10th Amendment rights.

Here is an article about just that: The States Can Stop Obama