Rep. Nass: Can the Wisconsin Department of Justice be trusted to defend budget repair bill?

Here is a letter sent from Rep. Steve Nass to AG VanHollen regarding Assistant AG Thomas C. Bellavia.  Representative Nass is questioning whether Assistant AG Bellavia can be trusted to represent the interests of the legislature considering his expressed personal opposition to the Budget Repair Bill.

Rep. Nass Letter To AG VanHollen


Rock River Patriots Meeting This Friday February 11th

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting at 6pm this Friday, February 11th, in Jefferson at Kendall Packaging. Kendall Packaging is located at 707 N. Parkway Street.

At this meeting we will discuss current issues and events. We will hear from Rep. Steven Nass about his legislative agenda for the upcoming session, and discuss our goals as well. We will also have Rep. Evan Wynn in attendance to update us on his agenda.

As always, be prepared to learn something new. We hope to see you there!