Public Hearing On SB619 Thursday – Let’s Get Rid Of Common Core!

If you are concerned about Common Core in the State of Wisconsin, you need to attend this public hearing in support of this bill.  Click on the link below to read the bill.



Committee on Education

The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified

Thursday, March 6, 2014

10:00 AM

411 South

By Senators Vukmir, Farrow, Lazich, Leibham, Grothman and Tiffany;

cosponsored by Representatives Thiesfeldt, Nass, Knudson, J. Ott, Tauchen, Spiros,

Knodl, Jagler, Pridemore, Schraa, Hutton, Murphy, Sanfelippo and Kulp.

SAY NO TO COMMON CORE!!! Common Core Public Hearing This Thursday 10/03/13

Wisconsin Joint Select Committee on Common Core Standards


THIS Thursday, 10/3, Noon – 8 PM

Wisconsin State Capitol

Room 411 South

In an interview with Wisconsin Reporter last week, Governor Scott Walker took a public stand on Common Core State Standards (CCSS), calling on the Wisconsin State Legislature to hold hearings that the public has demanded for months in order to investigate these controversial standards. The governor stated,  “I’d like us to be in the position where we can identify our own unique standards that I think in many ways will be higher and more aggressive than the ones they’re talking about.”

The legislature responded almost immediately after Walker’s public statement, quickly announcing an Assembly Select Committee, to be headed by Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac), a former educator of 22 years, and a Senate Select Committee, to be headed by Sen. Paul Farrow (R-Pewaukee).

The two committees will jointly hold their first hearing on Common Core State Standards this Thursday, October 3rd, from noon until 8:00pm in Madison at the State Capitol, with additional hearings to be announced.

In speaking with the committee chairs’ offices, we’re told they pushed the hearing time back from what was originally announced in order to ensure that teachers and working parents could attend. It’s a significant gesture, and we applaud it.


We must make our voices heard clearly now that we finally have the opportunity to speak on this issue.

Please attend this Thursday’s hearing, if at all possible, and bring others with you.

Smart Growth Opt Out Bill Senate Hearing This Thursday – AB 303

This bill is an important step in combating Agenda 21 implementation in WI.  Please attend this hearing and testify in support of this bill.  If you cannot attend, send your testimony to the committee members in support of this bill.


Committee on Economic Development and Veterans and Military Affairs

The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below:
Thursday, February 16, 2012
10:05 AM – or upon conclusion of executive session
411 South
State Capitol
Relating to: comprehensive planning and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Williams, Suder, Petrowski, Tiffany, Bernier, Brooks, Ballweg, Wynn, Knilans, Thiesfeldt, Endsley, Craig and Jacque; cosponsored by Senators Galloway, Moulton and Lasee.

Public Hearing On AB 7 – Voter Reform


Committee on Election and Campaign Reform

 The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10:00 AM

North Hearing Room (2nd Floor North)

State Capitol

Assembly Bill 7

Relating to: requiring certain identification in order to vote at a polling place or obtain an absentee ballot, verification of the addresses of electors, absentee voting procedure in certain residential care apartment complexes and adult family homes, identification cards issued by the Department of Transportation, creating an identification certificate issued by the Department of Transportation, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.

By Representatives Stone, Tauchen, Honadel, J. Ott, Vos, Pridemore, Bernier, LeMahieu, August, Spanbauer, Kramer, Petersen, Ziegelbauer, Kestell, Ripp, Van Roy, Kerkman, Jacque, Litjens, Nass, Kaufert, Strachota, Steineke, Kapenga, Krug, Farrow, Knodl, Kleefisch, Kooyenga, Ballweg, Endsley, Rivard, Thiesfeldt, A. Ott, Petryk, Williams, Severson, Wynn, Knudson, Kuglitsch, Petrowski, Nygren, Meyer, Tiffany, Bies, Knilans, J. Fitzgerald and Klenke; cosponsored by Senators Leibham, Lazich, Vukmir, Kapanke, Grothman, Darling, Galloway, Wanggaard, Kedzie, Ellis, Zipperer, Olsen, Schultz, Moulton, Lasee, Cowles, Hopper, Harsdorf, S. Fitzgerald and Carpenter.

The Public Hearing will start on April 27, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Public testimony will be limited to two (2) minutes per speaker.  The Election and Campaign Reform Committee will conclude taking testimony at the time specified. Written comments can be emailed to the Committee at, or sent via U.S. mail to: Rep. Gary Tauchen, Room 13 West, State Capitol, Madison, WI 53702.  All written testimony must include name (first and last), along with mailing address to be included into the official record.