Letters Of Outrage

We added a new page intended for Patriots to post their “Letters of Outrage”.  This can be outrage directed in the form of Letters to the Editor of the local paper, or letters to the elected officials at any level of government.  This is a great way to draw attention to something that is not being covered by the media, and/or encourage others to get involved.

Click on the upper tab entitled “Letters of Outrage” and post your letter in the comments box.  Let the outrage roll!  We look forward to reading the letters!

Russ Feingold Listening Session In Whitewater Friday February 26th

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold will hold a listening session in Walworth County on Friday, February 26.

His Walworth County listening session will be held at 2:45 p.m. in the Timmerman Auditorium (HH1000) in Hyland Hall at UW-Whitewater, 800 West Main Street, Whitewater. The meeting will last up to an hour.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan’s words: Since we can’t make him see the light, let’s make him feel the heat!