Unionistas Protest Gov. Walker At Opportunities Gala – Shame On Them!

Protest Against Governor Walker

Governor, Opportunities Protested

I realize this story is a few days old, but it is still worth commenting on.

The first instance we observed developmentally disabled people victimized by the “Unionista Mob” was the shameful display at the Special Olympics award ceremony in Madison on June 8th.  The event recognizing their accomplishments was ruined because of the classless behavior of these “thugs”.  Their “crime”…the terrible act of receiving recognition by Gov. Scott Walker.

This past Thursday, we had the chance to see the same classless behavior by the “Unionista Mob” in Fort Atkinson at the Opportunities, Inc. Gala.  Opportunities Inc. is an organization that primarily assists developmentally disabled people obtain work in the community.  They recently expanded their facilities, and Gov. Walker was invited to speak at their event.  So the “Unionista Mob” had to protest, disrupt the event and “show” Gov. Scott Walker.

I wonder how the developmentally disabled see this protest?  Were they threatened and/or intimidated by this?  What about the parents attending this event who have fought so hard for the rights of their developmentally disabled children?  What are they to think?  I’m sure when they drove to this event, there thoughts were not of Republicans or Democrats, but rather how much their disabled child has benefited from their time at Opportunities.

Many of the workers at Opportunities have overcome significant physical and mental challenges in order to join the workforce.  It is curious that this protest comes from the very side who claims to “care about working people.”

The event was reportedly organized by Madison radio host John “Sly” Sylvester.  This is the same radio host that spoke on air mocking Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch saying she performed sex acts on all of the Milwaukee talk radio hosts.  “Sly” later apologized.  Hoewever, parents with children in the Fort Atkinson School District should be happy to know teachers from their district were there at Opportunities protesting alongside “Sly”.

A recent accusation from one of Opportunities temp workers  is that it is a “sweat shop” that lacks air conditioning and only pays their non-disabled temp workers $7.50/hr.  They claim this was why they were protesting.  This temp worker has been there for several years according to his “Letter To The Editor” in the Daily Jefferson County Union.

Here is the hard reality: The whole purpose of temporary work and a minimum wage is NOT to support a family, be a living wage, etc…This is an incentive for the individual to better him/herself by going to school, learning a trade/skill, and/or gain a work history. Eventually they should be moving out of that job for something better.  That job is then open for the next person to do the same, and the cycle continues.  If the employee chooses to stay at their job, and the employer does not reward their efforts, the employee still has the freedom to go somewhere else.

Opportunities Inc. is providing a valuable service, training disabled and non-disabled people alike NO MATTER the political affiliation.  Instead of these protestors yelling, “Shame, Shame, Shame” at everyone else, maybe they should look in the mirror on this one. Shame on them!