A Gold Tax In The Obamacare? I Thought It Was About Healthcare!

Obama’s New Healthcare “Reformer” – Advocate of Rationing Care

During the healthcare debates, one of the arguments against Obamacare was that it will lead to the rationing of care.  We were told that would never happen.  Now we see the appointment of another radical, Donald Berwick.

From Human Events: Top 10 Things Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About Donald Berwick


The Unconstitutional health care bill will likely be voted on by Christmas.  Here is the story from the LA Times: Senate Democrats get 60 votes to move healthcare bill along

If this bill passes, it is time for all the conservatives groups to bring forward a class action law suit against this bill because it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Furthermore, the time is now for States to assert their 10th Amendment Sovereignty!

Make no mistake about this bill…It is really not about health care reform, it is about control.  Look at the quote from the linked LA Times story:

“This is a historic crossroads,” David Axelrod, senior Obama advisor, said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Seven presidents have tried to pass comprehensive health insurance reform, seven presidents have failed. We’re on the doorstep of getting it done.”

Did you notice he said “health insurance reform” not “health care reform”.  A CHANGE IN LANGUAGE IS A CHANGE IN REALITY!!! The reason they use this language is because they know this bill is not about health care.  It is about health insurance.  This bill will actually reduce the level of care, lead to rationing, increase the cost of insurance to all Americans, and increase the power of the Federal Government.  Later, they will be able to say they were reforming “health insurance” when the massive rationing of care kicks in.

The are following the Marxist play-book : The Communist Manifesto.  With respect to health care, they are controlling “the means of production”.  The “means” by which most Americans obtain health care is insurance.  The Marxists know if they control the “means” of obtaining this care, they actually control the system itself.  When Marxists control the system, they ultimately control you, the individual “producer”.

Each day this radical administration takes us a step closer to being a Socialist/Marxist county.  As each day passes, this country seems to be destined to have a REAL 2nd American Revolution!  They ignore the message of the TEA parties, and instead are trying to pass everything as fast as possible before enough Americans “wake up”.


Here is the truth about this whole health care debate: What Is a Right?


This stat is listed on www.dickmorris.com with a full explanation.

This is just one example of government run healthcare and its consequences.

Obama in Madison Nov. 4th

According to JSOnline, Obama will be in Madison November 4th.  No other details have been released…How convenient!  We will post the location as soon as we know more, in case anyone wants to let the president know what AstroTurf looks like!

Feingold Listening Sessions October 3rd and 5th

Here is another opportunity to make our voices heard and send Senator Feingold a message:




Senator Feingold will be in Columbia County on Saturday, October 3rd at 11:30 in the Gymnasium at Portage Junior High School.

He will be in Dodge County, October 5th at 10:15 a.m. in the Auditorium at Waupun City Hall.

Here is the link:  Senator Feingold Listening Sessions

The Day ObamaCare Died – Funny Video

Tammy Baldwin Lake Mills Town Hall

Here are videos from the Angry Mob at Tammy Baldwin’s town hall meeting in Lake Mills on September 26, 2009.

Tammy Baldwin Heard From The Angry Mob!

On Saturday September 26th, Rep. Tammy Baldwin held two town hall meetings in Beloit and Lake Mills.  The estimated attendance at Beloit was about 50 people and at Lake Mills about 80 people.  Many of the Rock River Patriots attended the Lake Mills town hall, as did many other concerned citizens.

I was at the Lake Mills town hall from about 1:30 – 3:30pm with many other Patriots.  I left while the meeting was still going.  While at the town hall, out of all those who spoke, I heard only two people that were for government run health care.  Everyone else was against it.  Many spoke about the lack of transparency in this administration, voiced their disgust about Rep. Baldwin’s vote against the bill to de-fund ACORN, spoke about how bad the Cap and Trade (Tax) bill would be for Wisconsin, and spoke out against Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.   Much of the town hall meeting and the comments were video taped.  Above are some videos of the Angry Mob!

This is what Kirsten Lombard from the Wisconsin 9/12 Project wrote about attending the Lake Mills meeting:

Tammy had a few supporters there.  But most of the folks there were much like you and me–concerned citizens who don’t like what they see happening. People respectfully held her feet to the fire, and she got called out on a few things.  It was a privilege to be there and to hear the respectful individual voices of District 2 constituents coming together in agreement that our we are not being properly represented in Washington and that we will no longer accept what is happening.

I have heard from others who attended the town hall in Beloit.  This is what Jim Sutter wrote:

I attended the Beloit , Listening Session, held by Rep. Baldwin, and wanted to share some of my observations and thoughts.   Attendance was roughly 50 people maybe slightly more.  Of those there, my estimate is about ¼ were Baldwin and health care reform supporters.   At this listening session it was apparent that the majority of attendees were in opposition of the current health care reform bill and cap and trade bills.   I know this is only one session, but Ms Baldwin regularly touts that her constituents are demanding health care reforms.   She doesn’t say the minority of her constituents demand it.

My gut feeling is that the overall position of those attending is that there is very little trust or confidence in our government representatives, the governments facts & figures or the ability to run anything efficiently.  I don’t think anyone that attended this meeting had any hope that Ms Baldwin was going to change her thoughts or votes based on what she was asked or told today.  It seems apparent that her beliefs and mind is made up and she was mainly trying to use talking points to appease or convince the people attending to accept her actions and comments.

Here is the Daily Jefferson County Union Story: Rep. Baldwin’s Town Hall

A First-Hand Account Of Government-Run Healthcare

Here is an account of someone who lived the government-run health care nightmare.

What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us