Thanks A Lot Republicans…You Suck As Usual!

For those of you not paying attention, Judge Michael Screnock lost the Wisconsin Supreme Court election to Rebecca Dallet, a radical leftist. So who is really to blame?

Of course the Republicans will whine about how much money was spent by the other side, and how they were out spent. While that may be true, it’s always the case. The conservative base was energized in the past by the Republican Party actually standing for something, fighting for their beliefs, and doing what they said.

But what did we have this legislative session? Idiot Republicans proposing tax increases and toll roads. Idiot Republicans content with having power, and not doing anything with the power. Idiot Republicans obstructing good legislation from being passed. I don’t know how long we have to hear about them being worried about the next election cycle, afraid to do anything for fear of future losses. The reality is they ensure their future loss when they don’t continue fighting and passing legislation to undo all of the liberal democratic policies.

We have come to the conclusion along time ago that most of the Republicans are lazy, weak, and stupid. Say what you want about president Donald Trump, while very much an imperfect person, you cannot say he is not a fighter. The Republicans, however, have no problem being in the minority, because they can whine and complain, but they don’t have to do anything.

So where does the blame lie for the loss of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race? In our view, it can be easily laying at the foot of the Republican Party leadership in the State of Wisconsin. You guys suck!  And shame on you Conservative and Christian voters that did not vote and understand the importance of the Wisconsin Supreme Court election!

Attention WI Republicans: If you really want to turn the ship around, call for a special session, and pass all of the reforms bills that did not get done in the regular session. There is no excuse for you not to work through the spring and summer like all of the other working families in WI.

Be bold, call for a special session, and turn this ship around…Or expect significant losses in November!

Senator Lasee Urges Walker Administration To Return Obamacare Funds

Attached is the press release from Senator Frank Lasee asking the Walker Administration to send back the $49 million in Obamacare grant money that was to be used to set up insurance exchanges.

Senator Frank Lasee Press Release – Release Obamacare Funds

We have said repeatedly that government “insurance exchanges” are a bad idea.  It IS government run healthcare, just at a different level.  They do nothing to fix the healthcare problems we face.  Instead, they just add another layer of bureaucracy. The best thing government can do is to repeal all the coverage mandates so consumers can tailor an insurance product that fits their individual situation.  Only consumer driven, market based approaches can solve the insurance problem.

The states need to WAKE UP to the fact that anytime the FEDS dangle money out there for some project, that it is somehow “free” money.  That is money taken from someone who actually earned it.  As long as states accept this money, they are bound to the conditions imposed by the FEDS giving up their autonomy and sovereignty in the process.

Governor Walker…SEND THE MONEY BACK!!!