Dr. Willie Soon On Global Warming

A recent investigative report by Sir Muir Russell was released that “cleared” the scientists involved in Climategate.  Unfortunately, the investigation into this fraud was commissioned and paid for by East Anglia University, the very school where the fraud occurred.  Here is a story on the “Whitewash” and why you should not buy the load of garbage they are selling.

ClimateGate ‘Whitewash’ Helps ‘Clear’ Scientists, U.S., International Media Claim

Below Dr. Willie Soon does a great job of explaining the global warming hoax.

UN Climate Change Panel Based Claims On Student Paper

How outrageous is this:  The UN climate change panel based claims on a student’s dissertation and on a magazine article.  The climate change panel cited the anecdotal evidence in these papers that was taken from a couple of mountain climber’s observations during their mountaineering trips.  This is far from anything close to being scientific.  Here is the link: More of the Climate Change Hoax.

This proves once again that this is not about helping the environment.  It is about controlling everything we do.  They are exposed again!