Sen. Rand Paul On David Letterman

Teachers Staging Sick-Outs To Protest in Madison…So It’s Not Really About The Kids

Sorry, not the best video work…Some of the teachers are proud to admit they called in sick to protest.  They are proud to admit they shut down their district.  Some districts even colluded with the teachers unions to facilitate their districts teachers participation in the protest as two teachers admit in the video.  It is wrong for the teachers to use their students as they have, and the sick-outs are even against the law.  It sends a terrible message to students.

If you want to find out how many teachers in your district called in sick, submit an open records request to the district and see.  Remember this in April when referendum time comes along.  School District Open Records Request

Here is the link to see what teachers in your district make: Search Wisconsin Teacher Salaries

Patriots Support Evan Wynn At His Home In Whitewater

Patriots showed up in Whitewater to support Rep. Evan Wynn in Whitewater.  The call went out late yesterday when we learned that AFL-CIO unions were going to protest in front of Rep. Wynn’s home in an attempt to intimidate.  Thanks to all the patriots who got up very early and helped support Evan and his family.

Below is a picture of the Unionists that showed up.  Unlike the papers reported, there were only 11 people.  Here are the links:

Whitewater assemblyman supports bill

Tea Party, union members square off outside Rep. Wynn’s home

Patriots…Call Madison Tuesday February 1st

Dear Wisconsin Patroit,
The Wisconsin State Assembly leaders are dragging their feet regarding election reform because they are waiting for comprehensive legislation to be written. Other reforms are certainly necessary, but they cannot implement everything in time for the state Supreme Court election in April; so they should pass the first bill which includes photo ID by then.  Comprehensive reform can be passed in two stages.  The Senate did their part by conducting a public hearing last week.  Now we need the Assembly to do the same.  They should hear from everybody and their brothers tomorrow.
So leaders, please pass the massage to your mailing lists.
For leaders and everyone else, please make three calls:
Call your Assembly Representative
Call Committee Chairman, Rep. Gary Tauchen -1-608-266-3097
Call Assembly Leader, Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald -1-608-266-2540
The message:  Schedule an assembly hearing ASAP in February on whatever election reform they think they can pass in time for the April 5th election for the following reasons(please state all three as we need a consistent message):
1. Without photo ID this April, the other side will be able to distort the State Supreme Court race with fewer fraudulent votes because of the low turnout.
2. The clerks and voting precincts need to test this during a low-turnout election.
3. The other side may get a court injunction to stall the new law for this election cycle.  If so, it is better to force that confrontation now than to allow them to stall it though courts until just before the 2012 election.
Do not retreat when you hear their rationalizations on “injunctive relief”.  Reiterate these three points.
Tomorrow, February 1st is  the “day of action”.  However, if you cannot get through then, please continue throughout this week until you do.

Politico Story On Reince Preibus

We are quoted in the story regarding the newly elected RNC Chairman Reince Preibus so I think it is appropriate to provide the link.

Reince Priebus’s tea party tightrope

Many in the TEA Party / Patriot movement will continue to be skeptical of the Republican Party on a National Level.  Our movement was instrumental in helping the Republicans retake control of the U.S. House of Representatives, yet no TEA Party / Patriot candidates that were elected, made it into a leadership position.  They read the U.S. Constitution at the start of the new session and swore an oath to uphold it, yet most still support the Patriot Act, TARP, undeclared wars, and the Federal Reserve.  We have been shouting to stop out of control government spending and make deep cuts, yet the best they can come up with is to “roll-back” spending to 2008 levels.  They speak of Washington having a “spending problem”, yet the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, could not come up with one area to cut spending when he was asked by NBC’s Brian Williams on the Nightly News.

It will be interesting to see if Reince Preibus does listen to our movement.  The real proof will be in the upcoming presidential election cycle.  If Preibus pushes the NeoCons like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, over true constitutional conservatives like a “Ron Paul”, he will have shown us all his true colors.

Happy New Year!!! Now The Real Work Begins

With the new year, new governor, and new legislature the real work has begun. 

The Rock River Patriots are now a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.  We are working with other TEA Party / Patriot / 9-12 groups as part of the Wisconsin Patriot Coalition to advance legislation that will help restore our government to fiscal sanity, accountability, and protect individual liberties. 

It is an exciting time that still requires vigilance and participation on the part of all patriots.  Staying involved is how the promises by our newly elected officials can become a reality for us all.  It also serves as a reminder to them that our allegiance is not to a party, but to the fundamental God-given priciples of liberty guaranteed to each of us by the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions. 

Heads up Patriots! This is what you have been fighting for!  Compromise is not an option! No Surrender, No Retreat! 

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”–Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4,1777

Karl Rove Shows His True Colors

Here is the video of NeoCon Karl Rove speaking about the Delaware primary win of Christine O’Donnell:

This is another demonstration that the establishment Republicans are NeoCons trying to either co-opt the Tea Party / Patriot movement or ensure that the true conservatives lose.  Many times we have argued that the elites in BOTH parties are taking us down the same road, just riding on different sides.  This is further proof.

See conservative columnist Michelle Malkin’s blog for more on this story:

Rove bashes O’Donnell; O’Donnell supporter at victory party strikes back; NRSC cuts and runs; Soros Republican Castle won’t back O’Donnell; Update:NRSC flip flops, Rush Limbaugh weighs in: “Balls to the wall”