Rock River Patriots Meeting Friday November 11th

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting on Friday November 11th at 6pm in the Community Room at the Dwight Foster Library in Fort Atkinson.  The Dwight Foster Library is located at 209 Merchants Avenue.

At this meeting, we will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly as it relates to the fall election on November 8th.

Don’t forget to vote on November 8th!  While we understand that there is no perfect candidate on this ballot, choose freedom over enslavement.  You may not be thrilled with the presidential candidates on either the Republican and Democrat sides of the aisle, but there is a big difference between the two.  Do you want a woman president who is rotten to the core, establishment, corrupt, bought and paid for, and a person with blood on her hands (Benghazi), who will probably be indicted given the recent revelations of the re-opened FBI investigation?  Or do you want a president who is sometimes crude and politically incorrect, but yet a successful businessman who employs many Americans, and who is an outsider of the system to shake things up?  We know what our choice is.  Choose wisely, your freedom depends on it!

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  1. Hello Admin,
    I’ve been following you all for a long time now. I finally was able to come to the meeting on Friday. I drove from Milwaukee and my phone died and would not charge back up. Thus leaving me with no GPS. This caused me to be over an hour late because I had to stop at 3 different gas stations for directions. Once I made it there the doors were locked but then I waited outside for a while and a police officer tried to assist me with no avail. I finally seen a woman at the door. I talked with her through the car and asked her was a meeting taking place inside and she ignored me. I was very disappointed. Please let me know how to attend future meetings.

    Thank you…

    • Next time, please knock on the windows along Merchants Ave. You can see the lights on in the room where we are meeting from the windows. We routinely keep someone at the door for approximately 30 minutes. Per library policy, we cannot leave the door unlocked. Sorry for your trouble. We would love to have you back. We will be posting a sign on the door with a number you can call as well so this doesn’t happen again.

      • Thank you so much! I hope to make it to the next meeting. I’m looking forward to it….

  2. Should be an informative meeting. We will be there.


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