Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States?

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States?  The GOP’s chickens have come home to roost.

It is definitely an interesting time when we see that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States.  Many “so-called conservative” pundits are now continuing with the Never Trump mantra.

It’s important to examine how and why this has happened.  The two big government parties have no one to blame but themselves.

TEA Party conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists already know that the Progressives are really just big government loving socialists and communists. There is little explanation that needs to be said here about the Democratic Party. Most understand that the Democratic Party is run by radical leftists with an ideology that is anathema to our Constitutional Republic.  They really don’t figure into the Trump equation.

Many conservatives and libertarians in the Tea Party / Patriot movement got involved because they were angry with the status quo of the Republican Party. They worked hard to get Republicans elected who claimed conservative credentials. However, throughout the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration, the so-called conservatives behaved like there was nothing they could do and sold out again, and again. Many of us recognize this was nothing new.  It is been going on for a long time. Ronald Reagan was in favor of an assault weapons ban, but you won’t hear that from these conservative pundits who attempt to deify Ronald Reagan as “the standard” by which all other current legislators are measured.

Really what we see on a national level is a Republican and Democrat flavor of the big government anti-liberty party. This is a two sided party run by “Insiders” who know better than the “rabble”.

Hillary Clinton will carry on more of the same policies that the Nobel Peace Prize-winning President has started. The Middle East is in chaos because of the intervention by Obama and Bush.  More of our brave soldiers and diplomats will be hung out to die like the brave Americans in Benghazi Libya were while on Hillary’s watch as Secretary of State. The name Clinton is synonymous with corruption, and I can imagine the government will only get worse with Hillary in the driver’s seat.  We will continue to have an invasion on our Southern border.

The rhetoric from Ted Cruz’ campaign seemed to suggest that he was a political outsider. However, he has worked in government virtually his entire life.  Cruz’ wife was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and has ties to one of the big Wall Street Banks. Many are rightfully suspicious of these connections.  Many bible-believing Christians are concerned about Cruz’ ties to Dominion Theologists.

It seems to me that we had the choice between two real political insiders. And then there’s Trump. Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is a wildcard. Nobody can say for sure what he is going to do.  What Trump demonstrated in the Republican debates was that he was not afraid of speaking his mind.  There is no doubt we can do without the vulgarity.  However, his stance on illegal immigration is what gets him some of the biggest applause lines anywhere.  He is stating the obvious.  Things that need to be said and done.

The question is, given how many Americans feel betrayed by the political insiders, is it worth the risk to vote for Trump?  It is pretty clear Trump is not controlled by anyone.  That is what seems to be the appeal of him.  I contend that is why many conservatives have been voting for Trump, knowing he is not a conservative.  Trump is a pragmatist, but he is not controlled.  The general public is starting to wake up to the idea that the system is rigged.  Americans want America put first, not special interests.  Donald Trump is speaking to this, whether or not he believes it is another question.

If Trump finds his way to the White House, maybe his wildcard factor will open the eyes of Americans to the fact that we should not have an “all powerful imperial” President.  Maybe the Trump wildcard factor will be a catalyst for reassertion of Sovereignty by the States.  Maybe the Trump wildcard factor will be an incentive for Congress to actually do their job and restrain all the unconstitutional activities / agencies of the federal government.  If that is the result of a potential Trump presidency, that may be a wildcard worth playing.

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  1. Several years ago I was in a discussion group of mainly Democrats and the topics were Global Warming – till that didn’t prove out. The next topic was about too much world population and what to do about it.. They talked about the way Hitler did it and mentioned that Hitler’s approach was too blatant and that a more subtle way or ways must be found – suggesting that abortions are helping reduce the population at one end of the life-cycle, but some things must be “devised” to increase the “mortality rate” of the oldest population.. Well, well, here comes ObamaCare which reduces and increasingly restricts the medical needs of the older population.. There are medical “stops” at age 70 and even more “stops” at age 75.. The denial of certain covered medical services increases with age.. Is the day coming when Big Govn’t will forcefully Demand your Death…???

    • Several states already have assisted suicide laws on the books. The day is coming and may be here in some places where the gov’t will not pay for your procedure because it is too expensive, but will cover the costs for physician assisted suicide.

      • The Mainly Democrat Discussion group was about 35 young college students from UofW=Madison in an evening session with interested Public invited. A UW Professor was the Moderator-Facilitator for the discussion to keep it on the Subject by prompting provoking questions designed to lead the group toward a specific mind-set.. Sort of like, – “Lead the Sheep in the ThoughtDirection you wish them to Think, and when they are Old – they will not have departed from those “thoughts.”
        None of those young college students appreciated the Fact that they-themselves made it past there own “abortion” and now propose this Murder on the next un-born.. Going on, neither did they realize that their “End of Senior-Citizen Life Ideas” will eventually trap them in their own diabolical devices.. Remember that 5 of the 6 years of no cost-of-living adjustments to Soc.Sec. occured during the Obama Admin.

  2. Interesteing!!!! While all politicians and talking heads were bashing Trump in Wisconsin, most of the rest of us sees the writing on the wall! One snake two heads their is no difference between the socialist or the natzies. They want your money , then they want you Dead. The representation in Wisconsin as well all other states is criminal.

  3. We have learned more about Donald Trump in the first month of his announcement to run for the High office, than we have learned about B.HussienObama in the eight years he’s been President.. Hidden Criminals who “run” him, – are hiding the truth about this president imposter.. The Next Big War will be here in street-level America, and our Enemy will be the Muslim Army that Obama & the Democrat-Socialists have let infiltrate into America by the Hundreds of thousands, under the fraud called “refugee status.”

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