Rock River Patriots Meeting Friday July 11th

We hope everyone had a great July 4th Holiday, and reflected of the spirit of Independence that made us a great nation!
The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting in Fort Aktinson this Friday July 11th at 6:00pm.  We will be meeting in the community room of the Dwight Foster Library located at 209 Merchants Ave.
At this meeting we will discuss current events and initiatives.  We we welcome two special guest speakers:

We welcome Cody Horlacher, a candidate for the 33rd Assembly District.  Cody wanted to introduce himself and answer any questions we may have.  Cody is currently an Assistant District Attorney for Walworth County.  Cody graduated from Marquette Law School and UW-Whitewater Business School.  While at Marquette, Cody was on the board of the Federalist Society. The Federalist Society is an organization dedicated to conservative issues in the law, among them, States’ Rights and the 10th Amendment.  Furthermore, he Chaired the Walworth County Republican Party before attending law school.  When Cody was Chair of the UW-Whitewater College Republicans, he hosted the first Tea Party events on campus.
We also welcome Usama Dakdok, author and radio host to speak on “The Truth About Islam”.  Usama Dakdok was born in Egypt and grew up in a Christian home. While in government schools in Egypt, he learned about Islam just as every other student does in a Muslim country. Usama also studied for a university degree in Egypt which included the study of Sharia, Islamic Law. He came to America in 1992. With all of his knowledge about Islam, he felt he could reach out to Muslim people in America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus he began The Straight Way of Grace Ministry.
For over a decade Usama has traveled the country with a message, “Revealing the Truth about Islam,” not only to equip the church to minister to Muslims but also to warn Americans, especially the Church, about the deceptive methods being used by Muslims to lead so many Americans into the cult of Islam.Usama earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Missiology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of two important works. Because Arabic is his native language, he discovered that the commonly used English translations of the Qur’an were full of misrepresentations that minimized its violent teachings as written in the Arabic text. Therefore, his first project, The Generous Qur’an, is an accurate English translation with study notes and material to help Christians share the Gospel with Muslims. Second, Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an, the Revelation of Error is a two volume expose’ of the Qur’an and Muslim scholars.
Usama can be heard M-F at 12:30 CST on the broadcast network VCY America and online at He also broadcasts live online every Saturday from 9 pm-11 pm CST with “Revealing the Truth about Islam” on Blogtalk Radio’s “Radio Jihad.” Usama is featured on and Trinity Channel Network Television sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide with Muslims in English and Arabic.

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