Common Core Hearing A Sham!

Steve Kauffeld is a member of the Watertown School Board and a member of the Rock River Patriots.

March 8, 2014
Letter to the Editor,
On Thur Feb 6 th , the people’s voice was stymied, by an orchestrated public hearing lead by Sen.Luther Olsen who is chairman of the Senate Education Committee. The hearing was on Senate Bill 619 co-sponsored by Senator Leah Vukmir and Senator Paul Farrow.
I try to attend various legislative hearings in Madison and other locations around the state, particularly those I have a vested interest in. Being a school board member, I have had considerable interest in the implementation of Common Core standards in our state’s public schools.
  I don’t know what is more galling to me, the political gamesmanship proffered  by Sen Luther Olsen with his AP interview two hours before the hearing was held, stating that this Bill was dead, the preferential treatment given the DPI, CESA administrators, our district school superintendent and their staff and supportive teachers, or the subsequent AP article published in the Watertown Times Fri.   March 7th, page 7, first section. I could write an entire article on the bias shown and misrepresentations printed in that article. This article would have you believe there was no public interest or input at this hearing. However, many people from across the State were in attendance. I would testify there were easily as many or more private citizens in attendance and supportive of SB619. Also the lions share of testimony by the private citizens was not allowed to be heard until four hours after the hearing began. If you have any interest, and you should, check out Wis. Eye on the internet. All hearings are recorded.
I would also have you note the accompanying photo {Watertown Daily Times}   shows our edu-crates standing in solidarity behind their chosen speakers {talk about using the bully pulpit}. Just a point of interest, it is supposed to be against legislative hearing decorum to show any physical, verbal or non-verbal, assent or dissent during testimony. All non-testifying persons are to be appropriately seated. But this was not a normal hearing. When you attend, there is normally white printed papers you can use to register either to speak or write a note whether you support the proposed bill or oppose. Not at this hearing. It was stated that you must use either the new pink or blue sheets to register. Any white sheets would not be recognized. This left hundreds of white registration sheets filled out by citizens who were unable to attend because of difficulty of distance, time or commitment with no voice in the process. Fortunately I heard co-sponsor Sen. Paul Farrow directed that   all the white registration forms were to be collected and he would see to it they were read and counted.
It was also stated by Rep. Steve Nass’s legislative staffer that in his twenty years of working in the Capitol, he has never witnessed the overt disregard for a fellow party member whether they were Democrat or Republican.
This to me explains the most egregious act of all by Sen Luther Olsen. The fact is, he has considerable conflict of interest even being a member of the education committee, let alone the chair person. You see, his wife is a CESA 6 administrator and his family profits handsomely from this position, let alone the political ramifications. Luther Olsen, at the very least should have recused himself as Committee Chair person during this whole process. His actions on March 6, indicate to me that he does not deserve to be a State Senator.
Finally, SB619 and it’s companion bill 617 in the House actually does have broad support. Why shouldn’t it? SB619 repeals nothing but offers the ability of private citizens of this state to have a voice in the curriculum and standards taught to our children. They are not the property of the community/state. Do you agree, that our professional bureaucrats and supposed experts don’t always get it right? Would you not also agree that we the citizen taxpayers should have a voice? We are not chattel to be marginalized. I would suggest any and all state Senators should be contacted and encouraged to pass SB619.

Steve Kauffeld   {Watertown School Board Member}

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting and taking the time to be there

  2. Get on and read just how MUCH everything is a sham. On this website, you will find the TRUE history of America.

  3. Everything’s a sham. Agenda 21 is in full place now. There’s nothing we can do about it. Corporations run America now, and have for DECADES.

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