Agenda 21 and Green Tier Information

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended our Agenda 21 / Countering Group Manipulation Tactics Seminar on September 15th in Oconomowoc.  As we mentioned at the seminar, we would post the handout printed materials on the website.  Below are the handouts that you can download and print out for your information.

Green Tier Charter Info Sheet

Sustainable Development Info Sheet

WI-Bavaria Agenda 21 Agreement Signed By Tommy Thompson

School surveys from AZ and TX

The presentations were recorded and we hope to have the DVD’s available soon.  One interesting thing we learned in our conversations with Michael Shaw was about the lack of coverage on the topic of Agenda 21 on talk radio.  It is our understanding that Clear Channel Radio will not allow the discussion on the topic of Agenda 21.  Maybe we are wrong…I encourage you all to call your local Clear Channel talk radio station and ask them about this.

At our next meeting on Friday September 28th, we will continue our focus on Agenda 21 with more information on Green Tier in Wisconsin.  Kirsten Lombard from the WI 9/12 Project will be giving her presentation on Green Tier.  And we know for sure that she will be there this time!

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