Vote Tommorrow August 14th

Once again it is time to let your vote be counted.  Let your voice be heard!

Tomorrow is the primary for the US Senate race in Wisconsin, as well as other primaries for the WI legislature.  In our area, we have the primary for the WI 37th Assembly district in addition to the U.S. Senate race.

Both races have several different candidates running.  I encourage you to check out the candidates themselves, and not just look at the “party rhetoric” to decide who to vote for.  The mere fact that the party establishment has endorsed a candidate does not mean it is in the best interest of the people to vote for that candidate.  We have witnessed first-hand over the past few years, that often the endorsement comes to a person that the party establishment knows they can control.  Many times it is not about who is the best candidate with the best ideas.  Often those who will stand up for what’s right no matter the political consequences are sidelined in some form or fashion.  It is more about politics than it is about principle.  That is a sad commentary to say the least!

We encourage you to vote on principle.  Ask yourself who do you want to represent you?  Do you want an “establishment insider” or a citizen legislator?  Do you want a person coming in “clean” or do you want someone who may owe many people political payback?

Tomorrow you will have the opportunity to make your choice…Choose wisely!

3 Responses

  1. I see y’all voted for Tommy. Good choice!

  2. RINO or Socialist… just more of the same….

    With Tommy Thompson’s narrow GOP primary victory, we will now be guaranteed a new Senator that has not read and does not understand the Constitution…. regardless of who ultimately wins the Senate race in November.

    Tammy has no understanding of the limitations placed upon the government by the Constitution, and I’m afraid that Tommy does not either.

    Tommy represents “more of the same” middle of the road, go along to get along politician, that we have had enough of…. that has contributed to, or compromised us into the position that we’re in….. and Tammy is yet another liberal/progressive/socialist that will continue the path toward ever bigger government until it collapses around us.

    It’s too bad that the vote was split 4 ways.

  3. Hope y’all vote people and issues not for party hacks

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