The Rock River Patriots along with other patriot groups have been talking about UN Agenda 21 for the last couple of years.  We are outspoken against globalism the the push toward a New World Order and the Police State.  Below are two good articles covering the Agenda 21 and Green Tier program.

Green schemes make activists see red

Green Tieranny: Seeds

Mark your calenders!!!  The Rock River Patriots in conjunction with the Wisconsin 9/12 project are proud to announce another important seminar on Agenda 21 / Group Manipulation Tactics will be held on Saturday September 15th in Oconomowoc, WI.  We will be bringing in two well-known speakers/researchers for this event.  We will announce the names of the speakers very soon!  Mark your calenders!!!

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  1. RRP says, “We advocate for a flax tax or consumption based tax system and an elimination of the IRS. People who spend more money will naturally pay more tax.”

    Let’s see, if I make a $1,000,000 dollars and spend $500,000in the US I pay taxes on $500,000, the other $500,000 is tax free in a Swiss bank account to be spent in Europe later, so much for consumption based system. Flat tax seems like a better deal.

  2. It is called donations.

    There is a can on the back table at all of our meetings and events. People put money in the can, we then do what we do with what we have. Not one of the three of us is paid for anything we do.

    There is no great mystery here. Why all the interest in where the money comes from?

    No one, I repeat no one is directing the RRP from behind the scenes. We are not controlled by anyone. We often find ourselves equally disliked by both sides.

    That is due to the fact that we don’t care about the republican party and we do not care about the democratic party.

    We are constitutional libertarians who care about our constitution, founding principles, and our country. We do not compromise and we do not hesitate to call out any members of either party because we are beholding to no one. We can not be bought.


    • Linus, people or organizations that spend thousands of dollars to fly people in to speak may want something in return or maybe they’re just good guys. The only way people can tell is if the names and/or organizations that pay for the event are known. To blindly follow the “experts” without knowing who and what they are is questionable.If you are not ashamed of the source of money, it should be known

      Definition of “Expert” Anyone who comes over 50 miles preferably by air. Cost adds credibility?

      As for political affiliations, I’m an independent. I vote on issues and for people not a party.

  3. Who is paying the expenses and speaker fees for speakers?

    • You are by your contributions!!! Oh…wait…Maybe it’s the Koch brothers!!!

      • RRP must have deep pockets or they are in the pocket of the rich. I suppose RRP is aganist taxing the rich. Look how many jobs they created since Bush provided them with a tax cut. It seems like their tax savings provides funds to support speakers who take advantage of those who are easily lead.

      • We advocate for a flax tax or consumption based tax system and an elimination of the IRS. People who spend more money will naturally pay more tax.

      • If you earn $20,000,000 a year will/can you spend enough to pay the same tax percentage as a family earning $80,000 or will you stress it off shore in the Cyman Islands or a Swiss bank?

      • It takes a couple thousand to fly in guest speakers. If it wasn’t AFP:(Koch brothers) who was it????? Are you ashamed to tell us is was the drug cartels?

      • It must be The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy…Everyone who donates helps cover the cost of these events.

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