Vote Tomorrow / Rock River Patriots Meeting Friday May 11th

Just a reminder…make sure you get out to vote in the WI recall primary Tuesday May 8th.  Because this is a recall election, it is different from the other primaries.  In this primary you CAN CROSS THE TICKET to vote on both the Republican and Democrat sides of the ballot.  In regular primary elections you cannot do this.  However, you can still only vote once per elected office.  This means in the primary for governor, you must either vote on the Republican or Democrat side, not both.

(NOTE: The following example is not an endorsement of any particular candidate.  The Rock River Patriots do not endorse candidates.)

For example, if you choose to vote for Gov. Walker in the Republican recall primary, you may still vote in the Democrat primary for the recall candidate or their “fake” democrat opponents.  The “fake” democrat candidates for this area are Gary Ellerman, from Lake Mills, running against Lori Compass, who is the recall organizer for Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.  The “fake” democrat for the Lt. Governor recall primary is Issac Weix, running against Madison Firefighter’s Union president Mahlon Mitchel and Democrat Ira Robins.

The winners from this primary will move on to the general election June 5th.

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting on Friday May 11th at 6pm in Fort Atkinson at the Dwight Foster Library.  We will meet in the community room.  The library is located at 209 Merchants Ave in Fort Atkinson.

At this meeting we will discuss current events and initiatives.  We also welcome Chad Kent to speak about the Constitution.  Chad has been a regular speaker at TEA party events in southern WI and northern Illinois.  He can be found online at

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  1. So i can vote for walker, and then for barrett, cause im thinking barrett has a better chance of losing than falk against walker in the recall????

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