Judge acquits Hutaree militia members of conspiracy charges

Judge acquits Hutaree militia members of conspiracy charges

We have posted about this incident in the past because it is important to understand what our government is doing.  We have also questioned the evidence in this case.  The judge obviously saw there was not enough evidence and dismissed the charges.  David Stone Jr. and his son plead guilty to illegal weapons charges.  We are looking into the details of those charges.

Here is the link to our past commentary on this case:  Interesting New Information About The Militia Raid In Michigan

It is sad it took two years for this case to be adjudicated with some having to remain in custody during this process.  It is obvious that based on the dismissal, these weren’t the dangerous people the government claimed  they were.  They may be a bunch of goofy “Billy-Bob’s” talking trash, but that is not a crime.

The larger point should be made here.  It seems that a pattern is developing.  The government  is very good at finding a bunch of “stupid” people to take the bait.  The idea seems to originate from an informant or agent of the government.  These “patsies” seem too stupid to see they are being set up and led along.

The point is, in many of these cases, the supposed “terrorist” is too stupid to have figured out how to carry out any plot on his/her own.  It is only when an agent of the gov’t gets involved that this “terrorist” now has the means and intent to carry out some “diabolical” plan.

It scares me, and should scare you.  The more time that is wasted on these “patsies”, the less time is spent looking for the real terrorists.

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